Make your own Magmaw sock puppet!

So Epiaa and I got chatting as we were clearing trash this week, about how the annelids before Ragnaros looked like giant sock puppets. Especially since someone is clearly under the walkway that leads to Rag with their arms waving around, changing which side they pop their hand over.

Well this lead to the obvious conclusion: I needed to make a Magmaw sock puppet. So here I’m going to explain how I did it. It isn’t a guide, as usual I assume you know the basic mechanics of the fight, it’s just outlining how I heal it. Errr… sew it.

First, what you’re making is this:

Isn’t he adorable?!

Raid composition

A sock:

An old sock is best, black, brown or red would work well.

You’ll also need some scraps of leather or felt, scissors, needles:

Some scraps of red, orange or yellow yarn:

If you want, you can add some beads, buttons… The lids off soy portions might make good eyes or teeth:

You’ll need shapes for his chitinous appendages:

You can either glue the pieces on the sock, or sew them on. I sewed mine on, because I’m a glue snob. But either will work as long as you have the right kind of craft glue.


So first cut out your felt/leather bits (I didn’t have any felt, so I used ‘leatherette’ scraps, but either would be fine). Feel free to print out mine and trace them, or draw your own. You only need the two face pieces and the leg/hook things to cut out. You could make anywhere between 4 and 10 legs. I made 6.

Put the ‘Fold here ‘ bits on the fold of your felt to cut them out, like this:

Once you’ve cut them all out, they’ll looks something like this:

You don’t need to be that careful with the cuts. You aren’t sewing any of these pieces together, just sticking them on the sock.

Attach the mouth piece on the toe of the sock, the crown piece just above that. Then add the leg bits down either side.

Then sew eyes on in red/orange yarn, in a crackly kind of pattern. Sew/glue a patch of red/orange yarn on the underside where his mouth would be.

It might be helpful to put a bottle (make sure it’s sealed!) or cup inside him while you work, to keep it all stable, and to stop from sewing the top of him to the bottom of him. Like this:

(Okay, I also wanted to show off my awesome leggings.)

When all the bits are sewn/glued on, youre done. He’ll look something like this:


And when you put your hand in him and wiggle him around, his limbs will flay and he’ll look very fierce! Like this: (note that we impaled him at around 11 seconds in >.>)

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17 Responses to Make your own Magmaw sock puppet!

  1. Easypeasy says:

    lol that’s awesome Glow :)

  2. Zinn says:

    This was awesome ^^

    • Glow says:

      Thanks Zinn! It was fun to make, and I couldn’t stop giggling for ages afterwards. Sock puppets are really the most foolish things :-)

  3. Epiaa says:

    Bahahaahaha freaking awesome!! :P

  4. Rioriel says:

    This is absolutely the best thing I’ve seen in my RSS for ages! Hope WoW Insider picks up on this, amazing! ~ Rio xx

  5. Gazimoff says:

    This is comprehensively the best thing I’ve seen in ages! More please!

    *gets thoughts of handpuppet versus Warhammer plastic figures*

    • Glow says:

      LOL! More…. hmm possibly. I do have thoughts about some other silly WoW craftables, maybe not as utterly foolish as this one though =D
      And the idea of roleplaying a boss encounter with sock puppets HAD crossed my mind… Maybe a sock puppet Atramedes would just have two big black X’s instead of eyes…. /wanders off to sketch…

  6. Erinys says:

    Now I know what my life has been missing. Plus it’s a great way of using up all the odd socks that we have lying around (think our washing machine eats one of every pair or something). Was planning on trying my hand at a female Naga (not made from socks) but this seems a lot more fun.

  7. Voros says:

    Haha so good! I reckon that Rags would work fairly well :)

  8. Navimie says:

    Glow that is so awesome! Post of the week IMO!

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  10. Silverleif says:

    I want one, and a pair of those leggings!!! :) You are very talented ^.^

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