Random silliness

That is all.

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5 Responses to Random silliness

  1. Navimie says:

    Glow… I don’t play d3… I don’t get it ><

    • Glow says:

      Ah Diablo3 has one of three ‘followers’ that you can select from to help you when you’re soloing. They are all entertaining in various ways. The Templar, Kormac, was the only one you could choose in the open beta. One of the first things he does is open a blocked stairway for you. It’s totally filled with spikes and he basically just… jumps on it. He yells “Black magic bars our way, but the will of a templar is stronger!”
      the combination of the a) silliness of this action, b) his amusing accent c) the fact everyone in beta heard it over and over and d) his character is a bit of the typical ‘blind faith paladin’ means that some of his sayings have become a bit memed. This one in particular.
      That explanation was longer than it needed to be, but anyway :-)

  2. Navimie says:

    TY for enlightening me! /mutters to self about the strangeness of D3

  3. Sharpe says:

    I love how you hit Inferno and then suddenly quit posting. Like everyone else, you found out that D3 SUCKED horribly at Inferno and quit playing. You found out that the endgame was about farming gold for days to buy one item on the Auction House, then farming gold for days again to buy another. Worse, you probably found out that the whole reason for Diablo 3′s existence is secretly for Blizzard to make money off the real-money auction house. Oh, and they are making a killing. Millions and millions off the RMAH.

    You can beat Hell mode with any character with any build doing anything. Demon Hunters are the easiest character to use and the least gear-dependent build by far. Had you used a Barbarian, you’d have found had some challenge in Hell mode. So, you breezed through it then hit a wall and all that realization came crashing down on you.

    You also probably realized that all your game guides before Inferno were silly since nothing matters until you hit level 60. Everyone screamed at you not to make a stupid Diablo 3 guide about anything until you had cleared Inferno. Now, you know why. Every pre-Inferno guide should say only one thing: save every penny of gold until you hit level 60.

    The game has great sound, art and atmosphere, but it’s boring and the mechanics are terrible. The end game is Farmville. This is no Diablo 2.

    Also, why do you post that you were in beta about every five sentences? “There was this one time, in Diablo 3 beta…”

    • Glow says:

      Heh. This is pretty amusing :-)
      I’m playing D3 every day, I still love it – I’ve just taken a break from blogging as work’s been hellishly busy.
      I actually stopped playing my Demonhunter and switched to a Barb. I’ve been playing him since this post. I’ve been rolling around act 1/2 inferno on him and he’s lots of fun. Act 1 is possibly still way too easy, and Act 2 is a painful step up, but I’m enjoying farming Act 1 and building up my gear sets: tanky and dps.
      I can see you aren’t enjoying D3, and that’s cool, but I’m still having a ball :-D