Still wandering through D3

It’s been a while. Work has been busy and I’ve been sick, so I’ve not had the energy to do much in the evenings, any gaming has been just that and no more.

I’ve been pottering away at D3 though, playing my wee barbarian. I finally finished act 2 on him, Belial inferno + Aussie pings is pretty brutal… that and it took me a while to realise I really needed a more dps build/gearing config to down him. Onto act 3 and being brutalised by every fireball. Back to playing with a more tanky build/gear for a bit and inching my way through. It’s fun, but most of my friends have drifted away from the game, so I’m soloing everything at the mo, so it really needs all of my concentration as well. P’raps now I’m finally beating this flu I’ll have some more time and brain space to document my adventures with Wybie.

I’ve also been dipping back into WoW. Just playing alts, staying in touch with friends and hanging onto a bit of the social dynamic I’ve missed while soloing. It’s funny how quickly you fall back into it. Okay so there may have been some left clicking on the mailbox, and clicking on the ground to walk… but stepping into dungeons and healing was like sliding on an old glove. It was a comfortable glove… but it did feel old. Playing Rift and watching The Secret World and the beautiful worlds they create made WoW look very tired and dated. And I’m not enthused at all by what MoP promises, so I doubt I will buy it.

But what next? What will be the next big thing for Glow? I’m not sure. I’m having fun with my current blend of casual gaming (of many sorts) with craft projects on the go, new gadgets to play with and spontaneous nights out for dinner/drinks with RL friends. At the same time, I miss my WoW guild and friends, and the challenge of defeating encounters as a team. So we’ll see. There has to be a balance somewhere, just need to find the perfect game.

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