Flitting between games

Well, it’s been a while.

It’s been a while since I blogged here; it’s been a while since I played WoW. The qualifiers here are meaningful. I have been blogging lots elsewhere, and I have been playing lots of other games.

“There is too much, I will sum up.”

Since I stopped raiding back in March, I spent a bit of time logging into alts and mucking around. That lasted a couple of months but it gradually petered out. I haven’t logged in for a looong time. Needless to say I did not purchase MoP.

I played Rift for a while: I enjoyed the levelling and questing, but friends drifted off and D3 was on the horizon, so Is topped playing. I played Diablo for a while, I enjoyed that too, but it wasn’t as lasting as I’d hoped. And although my friends drifted away from D3 once GW2 was on the horizon, I’m not going to blame their movement on my cessation of play.

Truth be told, I played D2 for years even with friends coming and going. The game was the thing that held me in its thrall. I loved the boss fights, I loved finding the shinies, I loved the race anew every ladder reset. Collecting goodies for my alts and the sneaky stashing and relogging if no trustworthy friends were around to hold games for you. It was fun. Diablo 3 is not the same, it’s all built to drive the player to the AH, and it makes me sad. I enjoy the gameplay, the classes are engaging: but I miss the eternal levelling, but the world/story is lacking, the item drops are a failure.

Soooo… I’ve been living a great deal ‘outside of the computer’. I’ve been engaging my creative side and making things. Real things that you can touch. I’ve also been playing lots of little games. World of Goo, Tiny Towers, Torchlight 2, PvZ (again/always!), Revenge of the Titans, Contre Jour…

I’ve been having lots of fun, but I have missed the community/grouping side of things. Soooo. I checked my Rift account over the weekend, and I still have lots of time left on my year subscription. And it looks like they have an expansion due out soonish. The expansion looks fun and interesting. I love the world and the storylines – so I had some fun over the weekend picking up a lowby warrior and playing guardian for the first time. I even ran a random dungeon as dps. Yep.

I may blog a little about it. I apologise in advance for the lack of Pandas.

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