About mastery

This post is just ‘thinking out loud’. It contains no useful information, but is hoping for a response from kindred spirits. :-)

I’ve been pondering the importance of mastery. No, not that WoW class-specific stat, the one that you stack this week and reforge off the next. I’m talking about actual mastery: being skilled and knowledgeable. It’s a bit late, but I suddenly realised that mastery of something is incredibly important to me. And on a selfish level, maybe a vain level: being publicly masterful. Or at least publicly striving to master something.

Since I’ve dumped WoW I’ve played lots of other games, but all of them pretty much ‘by myself’. Even D3 I only ever played with friends. When they stopped playing, I played alone. I’ve puttered around, but I haven’t put the time into anything to get ‘good at it’.

I’ve also been crafting: knitting, crochet, embroidery, a little beadwork, even some sewing. I’ve been pushing myself more than I have in the past: reading/watching/learning new skills and techniques… making myself learn continental-style knitting, to knit left handed (never purl again!) trying tough patterns (even ones in german!) new stitches… and sticking at projects until they are complete. I feel that I’ve turned my ‘striving for mastery’ need towards crafts rather than games. I don’t think that’s a bad thing per se, but I miss a bit of the community side of things. And I know I have a long way to go before I feel like I’m ‘good at it’.

I guess what this is all leading to is a self admission that I miss part of what WoW offered.  Please understand that I don’t want to play WoW, there’s way too much I don’t miss. But I am missing the community, the guild, the research, the farming (yes, I know) and all the little things that come together to make something bigger than myself. I miss the challenge. I miss ‘putting myself out there’ both in-game and on my blog.

Perhaps I need to seriously consider craft blogging, as bloated as that area is already. A friend is pregnant and I’ve been knitting some little baby bits and pieces for her. Another friend asked me if I’ve been keeping work-in-progress pictures. I haven’t. But maybe I should. Perhaps begin a new blog. It would also help  keep track of the ideas and inspiration that are swirling around my busy mind.

Maybe I could use it to document my new striving for mastery. Just for me.

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2 Responses to About mastery

  1. Erinys says:

    If I’m being honest, I’d say this is definitely partly why I’m still playing. I could quit the game tomorrow and in fact I barely play apart from some pvp and wandering around doing fluffy stuff but I can’t walk away from the community, especially the blogging community.

    • Glow says:

      Erinys! :-D Yeah I’m in a bit of a quandary at the moment. I’ve met so many great folks that I’m now missing… but I don’t want to get back into WoW. Hrm… Twitter keeps me in touch, but without the shared purpose via the game. Ah well, First World Problems :-D