Trying out League of Legends

For a few weeks I’ve been dabbling in League of Legends. I know the general premise of the game, from watching streams and second hand conversations over the last year or so, and my search for something to master has led me to LoL.

I have been playing 5 v AI games. Initially with Garen, playing until I felt I knew what I was doing: where his buttons were and what to use when. But over the last week I’ve been playing Sona. There’s something about how annoying she can be that I’ve really liked. Plus I think I would prefer (long term) to be a good support. I’ll probably buy Janna next, and maybe Lux, so I have some useful options… and then try to get good at these four.

I’m already tempted to buy Arcade Sona, because… OMG ARCADE SONA. *cough*

I’ve been playing the beginner five player versus bot games for about three weeks, and I’m almost level 12 now. I stepped into an intermediate level bot game and it was a schooling. I think we surrendered at 5/60 or something. It was horrid. It’s scared me off playing real 5 v 5 games for a long time. I’m not even sure if I should wait till I’m level 30 or …? I’m assuming not, but I know I’ve a way to go yet.

Anyone else out there play LoL? Any advice about when to step it up?

And if you see a quiet, determined Glowbie in a bot game, say hi :-)

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One Response to Trying out League of Legends

  1. mageic says:

    Hey, sorry been off work all this week or I would of replied to this sooner.
    I started going into the 5v5 games about level 7. I figured that doing it then, your playing againist people of a similar level/skillset, and haven’t looked back since.

    I sometimes will try a bot game with a new champ that I want to test out but otherwise it’s all 5v5 blind pick. I’m still to afraid to try out the draft picking, but I know I should do it.

    In regards to champs, those 4 will give you options for all of the lanes, with Garen being good top, lux support or mid and Janna/Sona as supports. I haven’t played a lot of any of these champs (just starting to play more Garen) so can’t give any pointers on them.
    The only support I tend to play is Taric, I like his style but being a melee toon you tend to die a bit more.

    so is glowbie your summoner name? mine are mageic13 (Level 30) and scousermage (Level 11) – this toon only really has access to the free champs for the week + Ryze and Garen. This way I have to try out new toons and how they play so I can learn how to counter them as well :)

    good luck in your games

    next time I’m on I’ll try and remeber to add you as a friend :)