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Reaper of Souls beta – first impressions

Expansion splash 1

As usual, once home after work I checked my email looking for that WildStar beta invite. To my surprise and excitement, there was a Diable 3 Reaper of Souls invite instead. I stared at the email carefully, assuming it was probably a phish, and headed instead off to my bnet account to check. And it was real, hurrah! Apologies – there will be screenshot spam, and I’ve already backlogged more screenies than I can chat about in one post, so this first post is just a … Continue reading

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Raiding Dragon Soul – week 1

And onto Deathwing. Nearrrrrrly got him our last attempt, so should burn him this week!

First impressions of Dragon Soul: it’s fun, the bosses are pretty cool. Morchok is too easy even for a normal mode boss, but that’s okay. The real deal will be the heroics, but it’s been fun to get a feel for the fights. So some pretty pictures and brief thoughts: And that was my happy-fun-raid times this week. Dragon Soul should be fun – looking forward to clearing normal and belting up some heroics.

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First day of 4.3 – dungeons and transmogrifying

Another fun fight, if you like eyeballs.

Well, I havent’ really prepared any transmog sets, as I have SO many old tier sets in the bank. I have moved most of them over to void storage now, and it’s all nice and organised. What I’m sporting at the moment: I don’t have the gloves, but my current gloves blend quite well. I love the simple moon helm, so I’ll be wearing that for a bit. My void storage still has a little space: I do now feel a little motivated to fill the … Continue reading

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New druid guide – aggro!

I’ve just finished the text for a new druid guide about managing healing aggro. You can find it in the Druid guide menu above, or here. It’s basically a five man guide – though much of it would be useful for a new druid healer in raid fights with adds like Maloriak or … =thinks= … =draws blank= Wow, Blizzard have really cut back on add fights. In any case, I hope it’s useful for new druids, as well as any healers struggling in instances where … Continue reading

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Magmaw is on twitter

Yes, our favourite anelid is tweeting about life as Nefarion’s captive. Read his daily rants and concerns, he answers questions and loot requests, including: “Now back to me- now back to you. Back to me- back to you. Back to Mangle.” “Halfus just told me plate mail is not biodegradable. Great. NOW what will I do with my leftovers? #ItsNotEasyBeingGreen” “I suppose the hallmark of civilization is forgivene- WAIT, WHAT’S THAT IN YOUR GCALENDER?!” But how does he tweet?- “My handlers are kind enough to apply … Continue reading

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Spontaneous tutorial

This post is with great thanks and much awe to Loreli (@LoreliAoD) who enchanted us all today on twitter with a spontaneous step-by-step illustration of a night elf face. For more amazing illustrations, visit The tutorial took us from this: to this! And the amazing step-by-step here: Thanks Loreli!

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Link love

Having recently dipped into the WoW community on twitter, I’ve found lots of knowledgeable and articulate gamers out there sharing their wisdom. A couple of thought provoking articles I’ve read in the last week: A post about Guild Forums with some interesting questions to ponder from Bible of Dreams: Murloc Parliament has some amazing articles, but this (combined with the comments that follow) really got me thinking. Great discussion:

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