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Purifier: cleric healing that burns

Starting up Rift I knew I wanted to play a cleric. It pulled on my D&D heartstrings. “Clerics! they wear mail and heal and wield hammers and smite their foes! Yeah!” I started off by looking at this soul choice chart I remembered from a year ago and swiftly dug back up. Decided I’d dps as I levelled, and chose the inbuilt inquisitor-based purpose (forget what it’s called) and pewpewed my way to level 50. Have to say I LOVE playing the Inquisitor, very fun. Once … Continue reading

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Why can’t I top the healing meters?

Stop saying that. Stop it right now. Good healing is not about topping the healing meters. It’s just NOT. I’m increasingly seeing healing meters used as *the* judgement of performance of a healer. And when I say ‘meters’, I mean the ‘Healing done/HPS’ numbers in Recount/WoL. HPS is a measure of raw throughput. If that’s all you care about, then you might as well stop reading right now, because you won’t give two hoots about anything else I write beyond this point.  But if you’re actually … Continue reading

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Does shifting have a place in resto raiding?


Listening to Team Wafflecast last week and then chatting with Deppi (a fellow druid on my server) got me to thinking about forms. Specifically resto druids shifting into forms (other than treeform) and whether that has a place in raiding. Small context first: I’ve raided as a druid since Molten Core, mostly as resto. I tanked during early BC, so this is the period of the game I know least about as a druid healer. I have druid-healed in a few different guilds, including server-first/hardcore guilds … Continue reading

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World of Logs part 3 – Logs!


Over the last week, I’ve been trawling through our logs, trying to solve a problem: in Madness of Deathwing, our tanks kept dying. Tank deaths drive me nuts. We’re two-healing this fight, myself and Marlae our holy pally, and I know we’re both working our butts off, so when our RL says in vent “why are our tanks dying?” there’s silence. You know that moment. I want to be able to give an answer, but I can’t, not without a greater understanding of the fight. My … Continue reading

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Healing Dragon Soul – normal modes

Next: Madness.

I sat down to start writing my thoughts on healing each encounter in Dragon Soul… and I can’t do it. Dragon Soul has been a bit of a whirlwind for us – as I’m sure it has been for everyone. The last couple of tiers of content, I’ve been able to slowly build up a feel for each boss as we’ve progressed, changing my healing strategies to best suit the mechanics of the fights and timing of boss abilities. In Dragon Soul it’s our 10th hour … Continue reading

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Healing Baleroc 10 man – reloaded

Flat demon.

Our guild has changed our Baleroc strat a couple of times according to raid composition and in the spirit of switching things up. Our first few weeks we killed him as I outlined here with one tank, three healers, 4 soakers. The last few weeks we’ve been two-healing it, so I thought I’d briefly describe that. Strategy Raid composition: one tank (druid) two healers (paladin, druid) seven dps (three melee, four ranged – but it doesn’t really matter) Roles: six crystal soakers two healers on the … Continue reading

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Healing Heroic Shannox

Raid positioning for h-Shannox

This is how LoLS do heroic Shannox, and my quick notes for healing it. I’m assuming you know the normal version of the fight before attempting heroic. If you’re looking for notes for healing the normal version, this may help. Raid Composition two tanks (warrior on Riplimb, druid on Shannox) two healers (paladin on Riplimb tank, druid on Shannox tank, both on raid) six dps (two melee, four ranged, where one of the ranged is a hunter, and one an arcane mage (we actually run with … Continue reading

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