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Node spawning

Cobalt nodes in Zul'Drak

Disclaimers Disclaimer 1: content. This post describes a model for explaining how nodes spawn. I don’t know this is how it’s implemented; this is just a model/theory. It’s a well trialled model, as I’ve farmed for years and haven’t seen anything to contradict this idea. Still, I’m writing this as if it was fact, because it makes the writing simpler. Disclaimer 2: scope. This is how I think mineral nodes work. I actually expect herb nodes work similarly, but I haven’t tested it to the same … Continue reading

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Santa’s Little helper’s little mount

Ok, so I didn’t know this would happen.

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Dragon Soul: Resto druid gear

Gear planning time for 4.3 Glow. I like to look at what options are available for each slot, then use that to inform my planning for each boss. I like to know which boss drops I should prioritise, in case I end up bidding on something that’s not optimal for me and could go to someone else – versus which boss drops are key as they fill a difficult-to-optimise slot. Our guild runs loot council, it’s important for me to use a bit of common sense … Continue reading

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Prospecting spreadsheet


Quick post just to share a spreadsheet I’ve been using to calculate the relative value of gems and ore and then the value prospecting versus transmuting and making a fire prism. The yellow cells are where you can enter the value of each of the items on your server. I’ve just used the current AH values – obviously if you’re buying from a farmer you can get these cheaper, but this will give you a starting point. Probably there are heaps of these around, but this … Continue reading

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Druid Firelands set – the ‘look’


I was lucky enough to have the guild craft the 378 leather caster boots for me last night, and within five minutes I was complaining. I’m not an ungrateful druid, honest. They have perfect stats, now endowed with a delicious lavawalker enchant, and I’m very happy with them. It’s just that… they have no toes. So I reluctantly turned my helm back on, so I could have a critical look at the whole set. I don’t have 4 pieces of t11, but I do have 378 … Continue reading

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Resto druid gear in 4.2

I’ve spent a couple of weeks bumbling through Firelands, not thinking about (or even looking at) what the bosses drop. Then a neck drops and I think “is that any good for me? should I bid for that?”. Once this starts happening I know I should start looking at what my options are and start planning what I bid on. Options So I start by making a list of what is available in each slot. Starting out with non-heroic gear, and assuming I’ll grind enough rep … Continue reading

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Twilight botters

As someone who likes the reward at the end of a bit of hard work, I don’t like cheats.  Hence, I HATE bots and hackers in games. This has been burning at me for a few weeks, so here goes. Recently I’ve been doing a fair amount of mining on my warrior, zooming around Twilight highlands enjoying the guild perk and the extra volatile air she gets from engineering. The number of teleport botters I’ve seen is alarming. So I’ve taken to reporting them. But they … Continue reading

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