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The race to 85

This was going to be a response to a gratz post to our first lvl 85, but I realised it sounded snarky. Which it isn’t mean to be, more a reflection on how I’m approaching this expansion. I was reading somewhere that the first 85 took 5.5 hours… During the last expansion, our guild had a few people racing for server first lvl 80/class, and the amount of pre-farming and preparation they put in was amazing. And in top level guilds there are the levelling teams … Continue reading

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About Glow

I’ve just updated my “About Glow” page. I’ve added in the section that explands a little on my playstyle and philiosphy. Feel free to leave any questions or comments here, or ask me on twitter @glowbie

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Pre-expansion malaise

I’ve been through it before, I’ve seen it before all around me – that restless, shifting time before an expansion where everyone starts to ask ‘what’s the point?’. It started in Trade chat maybe three months ago on Saurfang. Anyone trying to sell a big ticket item like the hilt would find themselves the victim of multiple replies baiting with “what’s the point of spending gold on that? it will be outdated in three months!” And they are right in that items will be outdated, but … Continue reading

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