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Glow is a tauren once more


Well it’s been a busy couple of weeks. After care preparation and quest completions, Glow and Shig faction transfered and joined Frostwolves on Saurfang hordeside. The usual worries about what would go wrong with the transfer, most of which never happened. I took screenshots of my bank: And my void storage…. Just in case: And only one item disappeared on the transfer, the Essence of the Firelord from the Thunderaan quest. Oh well, I expected it may go. The only other slightly annoying part of the … Continue reading

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Glow’s UI in 2006

Glow's UI in 2006.

I’m currently working on a proper blog post, one with phrases like “phase one” and “cooldowns” and “don’t stand in the fire” in it. But while that one is being crafted, here is a silly post. Digging through screenshots on my hosted space, I found a few oldies and thought it would be nice to share this one. Where to start? Just some things I notice looking at this… The raid team. This was my first raiding guild, and even though it was 40 man days, … Continue reading

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Key bindings


Urgh. My left had has been giving me serious issues. My healing hand! I’m going to a specialist this week, but in the mean time I’ve been *trying* to minimise my play time and typing time. This isn’t easy as a) I love games! and b) work is lots of typing too… But one thing I did notice is that my hand wasn’t giving me as many issues when I’m on my little prot pally. So I started looking seriously at her key bindings and realised … Continue reading

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Addon spotlight – LootCount

LootCount is a lightweight little addon that helps keep track of items in your bags for you, without you having to open your bags and count things up to see how you’re progressing. I use it when herbing, fishing or collecting items for rep/achievements.Here’s how I have mine set up in-game:And here’s how easy it is to set up.Step 0 – how to download and installYou can download LootCount from WoW Interface or Curse. Once you’ve downloaded it, unzip it, and copy the LootCount folder into … Continue reading

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Setting up custom debuffs in Grid

When there’s a specific debuff I need to react to quickly, I need to have it displayed prominently on my raid frames. I use Grid, so I’m going to show you how I set up custom debuff tracking, using the centre icon: Pros: This method doesn’t rely on any Grid plugins, so if you don’t use or have the latest raid debuff plug in for Grid, you can set up like this. It will also work for tracking debuffs in 5 mans or solo if you … Continue reading

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