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Ragnaros be dead

Rag 2011-09-01 at 9.30.44 PM

Just this: /treehugs for mah guildies. Healing write-up on the way…

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Salty Glow

Hanging out with the other fish, The Lightless Reaches

I’m not very good at remembering the fishing competitions, but every time I do remember the Saturday or Sunday comp, I’ve entered. I don’t know, maybe 20 times… and always seem to get unlucky. Unlucky casts, unlucky fish (NO MORE Dezian Queenfish!), unluckily high number of co-fishers. But finally, I got a week where noone else was in my favourite area, and I got lucky with my pools and casts. Salty Glow. No more reminding myself it’s 2pm. No more profession achievements left.

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ZA Bear run video

A video of our bear run last night, from the PoV of our main tank and glorious* guild leader, Easypeasy. For healers interested, I think I stopped and drank twice just briefly. I drank about 6ish mana pots and innervated basically on cooldown. I was flasked from our raid the night before, but it wore off part way through I think. The only thing I did special: For the lynx gauntlet I tried to avoid having hots up between pulls (to avoid cataggro death). This meant … Continue reading

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Duoing Malygos

Alextrazsa saves the day! (Or comes to see her dead brother?)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Shigeko and I’ve been working on duoing some wrath achievements he still had left over. In the last week we’ve run lots of instances and raids together, including the Battle for Mount Hyjal and more recently Malygos in the Eye of Eternity. For our Malygos encounter, it was myself in my feral offspec/gear (about 350 ilvl) and Shigeko in his main spec – shadow priest, in pretty much entirely 359 gear. You could probably do this in blues though … Continue reading

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Duoing Wrath achievements

Ooze: abused.

I’d been thinking about soloing some wrath heroic dungeon achievements, for no other reason than to see if they could be done. As it happens, Shigeko was looking to polish off a few he’d not done yet, as he’d only rolled his character late in wrath. So we set out together to do a few. First off the list, heroic Azjol Nerub, to do Respect your Elders and Volunteer work. As expected, Volunteer work was an easy task with two lvl 85s. For Respect your Elders, … Continue reading

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