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Two Moons and Seven Stars


It’s very probable that Glow will be faction transferring in the next few days, and becoming a Tauren. As part of her horde scouting mission, I’ve been scoping out the territory on my warrior, Lyndra. I’m always keen to explore the horded-alliance differences, but I was stunned by the differences between the two Shrines in the Vale of Eternal Sorrows. So I’ve taken some screenshots to illustrate the differences. Warning: this is a VERY image heavy post. (And please excuse the random texture I’m using to … Continue reading

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Glow’s UI in 2006

Glow's UI in 2006.

I’m currently working on a proper blog post, one with phrases like “phase one” and “cooldowns” and “don’t stand in the fire” in it. But while that one is being crafted, here is a silly post. Digging through screenshots on my hosted space, I found a few oldies and thought it would be nice to share this one. Where to start? Just some things I notice looking at this… The raid team. This was my first raiding guild, and even though it was 40 man days, … Continue reading

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Santa’s Little helper’s little mount

Ok, so I didn’t know this would happen.

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Ragnaros be dead

Rag 2011-09-01 at 9.30.44 PM

Just this: /treehugs for mah guildies. Healing write-up on the way…

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Salty Glow

Hanging out with the other fish, The Lightless Reaches

I’m not very good at remembering the fishing competitions, but every time I do remember the Saturday or Sunday comp, I’ve entered. I don’t know, maybe 20 times… and always seem to get unlucky. Unlucky casts, unlucky fish (NO MORE Dezian Queenfish!), unluckily high number of co-fishers. But finally, I got a week where noone else was in my favourite area, and I got lucky with my pools and casts. Salty Glow. No more reminding myself it’s 2pm. No more profession achievements left.

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Digital Archaeology – Stormwind and beyond


Yesterday I shared some Ironforge screenshots from the original WoW open beta in November 2004. Glow followed in the footsteps of my beta character, Tathella, to see how the world had changed. Today Glow follows Tathella and Boaz out of Ironforge and into the surrounding countryside, and eventually off to Stormwind. Since beta, the world has changed so much outside of Ironforge: Loch Modan, Redridge and Stormwind are dramatically different in some places, but eerily similar in others. Sometimes it’s just a changed skyline that hints … Continue reading

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Digital Archaeology – Ironforge


Over the last week I’ve been cleaning out my web space and I unearthed a small deposit of screenshots and videos from multiple eras of my gaming history. Most of these artefacts I had no idea I still had, some that I found most fascinating were all taken from my experience in the WoW open beta: early November 2004. Part of the fascination was the amazement in the subjects of screenshots: my first fish caught, my first auction won. These things seem so mundane now, but … Continue reading

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