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And she changes her mind

More personal ramblings, so apologies in advance. Nard was kind and invited us into his guild, but they are working through heroics and we aren’t even close, so we quietly left. You know, that cowardly thing where you wait till no one else is online to guilt, so that there’s no drama. Sigh. I did mail Nard and he was nice about it, but probably mystified by our flopping. Sorry Nard. So we’ve been guildless for a week or so again. I’m back to trawling the … Continue reading

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Returning to WoW… and LFG(uild)

Well. It’s been a while. Nearly two years. And I’ve fallen back into the cycle of wanting more. More gear, more rep, more pets, more progression… more from this thing we call a game. After a (very) long break, I’ve been tempted back in by WoD. Which means I had to buy MoP. Which means I’m playing MoP just to ‘check it out’. So I’ve geared Glow almost as much as I can in LFR. I’m working my way through my cloak quests, and incrementally bringing … Continue reading

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BattleTAG and the lack of ‘us’ time

I’ve blogged previously about the lack of privacy afforded by the BattleTAG system, and that still stands. But what I hadn’t anticipated was how extremely poor the social online experience would be in Diablo 3. Blizzard may tout the BattleTAG features as allowing you to chat with your friends across games – but it doesn’t allow you to socialise within the game beyond a simple one-to-one chat. Only after playing Diablo for a week or so, and after a couple of comments made by friends does … Continue reading

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BattleTAG and the loss of ‘me’ time

With the D3 open beta weekend a while back, I started a BattleTAG thread on our WoW guild forums and collected a handful of BattleTAGs. As guildies joined the beta we teamed up for a few runs together and it was a lot of fun. But it’s got me thinking about the whole RealID/BattleTAG thing again, and my continual concern about the lack of privacy that I’ve thence bought into. To explain more clearly what I mean: when I log into an online game, it’s with … Continue reading

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(yet another girl gamer post) Navimie at The Daily Frostwolf recently got me thinking again about the whole ‘feminism in gaming’ discussion. One of her observations was the she hasn’t seen much sexism in the people she plays with, and I’m currently in a similar position: the guild I’m with has always had a fairly balanced gender make-up and is comprised of mature/open-minded folk. The last couple of raiding guilds I’ve been with have been similar in that regard. But I have experienced a whole range … Continue reading

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Why can’t I top the healing meters?

Stop saying that. Stop it right now. Good healing is not about topping the healing meters. It’s just NOT. I’m increasingly seeing healing meters used as *the* judgement of performance of a healer. And when I say ‘meters’, I mean the ‘Healing done/HPS’ numbers in Recount/WoL. HPS is a measure of raw throughput. If that’s all you care about, then you might as well stop reading right now, because you won’t give two hoots about anything else I write beyond this point.  But if you’re actually … Continue reading

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We shouldn’t have to ask “Who is Deathwing?”

As I’m finalising my gear planning for 4.3, I noticed a link to this article here, entitled Who is Deathwing?. It’s a nice summary, but it’s possibly my one really large gripe about Cataclysm: we shouldn’t have to be TOLD who Deathwing is. In Wrath, Arthas’ story was woven into the plot almost the whole way. Almost every zone had a major quest chain where he featured. Particularly the alliance Dragonblight beach scene and the Icecrown quest series lead by the enigmatic Matthias Lehner. By the … Continue reading

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