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World of Logs part 3 – Logs!


Over the last week, I’ve been trawling through our logs, trying to solve a problem: in Madness of Deathwing, our tanks kept dying. Tank deaths drive me nuts. We’re two-healing this fight, myself and Marlae our holy pally, and I know we’re both working our butts off, so when our RL says in vent “why are our tanks dying?” there’s silence. You know that moment. I want to be able to give an answer, but I can’t, not without a greater understanding of the fight. My … Continue reading

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World of Logs part 2 – Buffs and debuffs


One of the main tools from World of logs that I use is tracking buffs and debuffs. I use this as part of evaluating my own performance, how we are going as a raid, and also for investigating the timing of specific mechanics in an encounter. I do this by investigating the buffs and debuffs on me, on others in the raid, and on the bosses or other creatures involved in an encounter. This is the second part of a series of posts about how I … Continue reading

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World of Logs part 1 – the Analyzer


I use World of logs to look at how I can improve my healing, and how our healing is working as a team. I also use logs as a problem solving tool: “Why are we wiping here?” is a common question I’m asking when I start digging around. So you won’t see much ‘damage done’ analysis here, as I’m more interested from a healer perspective, but this post may show you how you can analyze DPS/damage yourself if that’s your focus. What I’m going to post … Continue reading

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Logs, damned logs, and statistics

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I never thought I’d say this, but… I love playing with stats. I *hated* statistics in school, but I find I can while away endless hours trawling through statistics about topics that actually interest me. Of relevance to my blog, that means both raid logs and my blog’s visitor stats. I wait impatiently post-raid for our GM to announce ‘logs up!’ and head on over to World of Logs to start poking around. In the main I go there to look at my own performance: what … Continue reading

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