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First night of raiding: wash out


There was a definite air of excitement in our ranks as we gathered outside Highmaul in anticipation of our first night of raiding in Warlords of Draenor. EP gave the traditional “this is how we raid as a guild” speech and we stepped onto the lift together and rose up into the sunshine of the arena. Trash pulled and killed. Boss pulled and first tank death signalled that unbeknownst to us, things were badly wrong. That instant battle rez seemed to last forever… and in fact … Continue reading

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…. and back to elf.

The flip-flop is real. One of the unexpected things about faction transferring and joining Frostwolves, was that I discovered that a few of my old LoLS guildies had joined FW at some stage in the past. It was lovely playing with them again. It also meant that a few of us began doing social (IRL) stuff again too. Soon, without meaning to, I started to feel all nostalgic, and wondered if we could get the old guild back together somehow, even if we didn’t raid. In the end … Continue reading

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Glow is a tauren once more


Well it’s been a busy couple of weeks. After care preparation and quest completions, Glow and Shig faction transfered and joined Frostwolves on Saurfang hordeside. The usual worries about what would go wrong with the transfer, most of which never happened. I took screenshots of my bank: And my void storage…. Just in case: And only one item disappeared on the transfer, the Essence of the Firelord from the Thunderaan quest. Oh well, I expected it may go. The only other slightly annoying part of the … Continue reading

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Two Moons and Seven Stars


It’s very probable that Glow will be faction transferring in the next few days, and becoming a Tauren. As part of her horde scouting mission, I’ve been scoping out the territory on my warrior, Lyndra. I’m always keen to explore the horded-alliance differences, but I was stunned by the differences between the two Shrines in the Vale of Eternal Sorrows. So I’ve taken some screenshots to illustrate the differences. Warning: this is a VERY image heavy post. (And please excuse the random texture I’m using to … Continue reading

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And she changes her mind

More personal ramblings, so apologies in advance. Nard was kind and invited us into his guild, but they are working through heroics and we aren’t even close, so we quietly left. You know, that cowardly thing where you wait till no one else is online to guilt, so that there’s no drama. Sigh. I did mail Nard and he was nice about it, but probably mystified by our flopping. Sorry Nard. So we’ve been guildless for a week or so again. I’m back to trawling the … Continue reading

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Found a home

So since my last post, I’ve finally found a home. I ran into an old friend from Labyrinth of Lost Souls. I literally started comparing achievements to make sure it was him And then he cheered at me, yay! it was Nardelan! Anyway, it turned out that he and his partner had started  a new raiding guild. So Shigeko and I joined as casual members. I’m nowhere near geared enough to join their heroic runs, but getting there slowly. I ran a flex with some of … Continue reading

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Returning to WoW… and LFG(uild)

Well. It’s been a while. Nearly two years. And I’ve fallen back into the cycle of wanting more. More gear, more rep, more pets, more progression… more from this thing we call a game. After a (very) long break, I’ve been tempted back in by WoD. Which means I had to buy MoP. Which means I’m playing MoP just to ‘check it out’. So I’ve geared Glow almost as much as I can in LFR. I’m working my way through my cloak quests, and incrementally bringing … Continue reading

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