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Pre-expansion malaise

I’ve been through it before, I’ve seen it before all around me – that restless, shifting time before an expansion where everyone starts to ask ‘what’s the point?’. It started in Trade chat maybe three months ago on Saurfang. Anyone trying to sell a big ticket item like the hilt would find themselves the victim of multiple replies baiting with “what’s the point of spending gold on that? it will be outdated in three months!” And they are right in that items will be outdated, but … Continue reading

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Link love

Having recently dipped into the WoW community on twitter, I’ve found lots of knowledgeable and articulate gamers out there sharing their wisdom. A couple of thought provoking articles I’ve read in the last week: A post about Guild Forums with some interesting questions to ponder from Bible of Dreams: Murloc Parliament has some amazing articles, but this (combined with the comments that follow) really got me thinking. Great discussion:

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Collecting the new pets – 4.0.3a

Standing in Stormwind wondering what to do with myself, and I see someone wander past with a huge hound pet. HUGE hound. I follow the poor guy nonchalantly and discover it’s called a ‘Tracking hound’ and has the <Player’s guardian> tag. Hmmmm… Over to wowhead and I find that Houndmaster Loksey’s hound whistle has had a makeover;  it’s now a trinket with a 10 minute cooldown, and the pet itself lasts 10 minutes. Woo! Permanent hound!.. off to Scarlet Monastery I go. Of course, it doesn’t … Continue reading

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I’ve decided (finally) to start blogging some of my thoughts/theories/experiences playing World of Warcraft. Most of this will centre around playing my restoration druid (Glowberry) but as I have a handful of alternate characters I play, I’ll probably blog about these as well.Basically my poor GM was getting walls of text every time I wanted to discuss something. So perhaps blogging about all of this will help me avoid inflicting my rants on others For more information about Glow, and my history in playing WoW (and … Continue reading

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