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I enjoy having goals, ‘projects’ to do while playing. Currently I have a few on the go, so I’m prioritising gear but balanced with not getting bored farming the same thing too much. I’m working on:1. Darkmoon Card: TsunmaiMy trinkets are fairly weak, so this will be a good entry trinket for raiding for me. I have an 80 scribe, so I farmed some herbs using Glow, and mailed them back to my scribe and got her to 525 Inscription.Now it’s herbs, herbs. herbs. Specifically, I’ve … Continue reading

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Been quiet over Christmas with the usual festivities, but I have been pottering away on my guides bit by bit. A fellow druid found this great druid macro post over at Dreambound: And although the guildie found it all a bit confusing, I think it’s great – some fabulous clearly laid out and well explained macro templates specifically for druids. Great stuff. Also we got an amazing Christmas present from our guild! An awesome little package including fireworks, potions of illusion and a treasure finding … Continue reading

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Guides – works in progress

I’ve been working on some guides specific to healing in 5 man dungeons. Each dungeon page is currently only in infancy, but I’ve started fleshing out my general “CCing as a resto druid” page, here: feedback you have on this page would be great!

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This week in pictures

Archeaology raptor mount fun! I noticed Darwin dancing, I joined him and got an achievement Deadmines heroic Deadmines heroic. FInally got to Vanessa without a server restart. Grim Batol heroic. Lots of druid CC. Halls of Orgination. I love these rooms. Lost City heroic. Last boss down, no mana, almost no health… eep! Stonecore heroic. Worm boss, how I hate thee. Stonecore heroic. This guy rocks. (haha) Throne of tides heroic. First time I’d been there. More Throne of tides. Throne of tides again – very … Continue reading

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Healing heroics – a druid’s perspective

So enough of our guildies have scraped together the required gear to start queuing for heroics. So far, as a guild, we’ve completed Halls of Origination, Shadowfang Keep and Blackrock Caverns. (I wasn’t in the HoO group, so I will confine my comments to the first two heroics, plus my thoughts generally about the new druid healing paradigm.) Firstly, lets end the speculation: these heroics are tougher than WotLK heroics. Same time two years ago we were zerging the wrath heroics in blues and greens. Cata … Continue reading

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Level 85 so far – Photo diary over two nights

Fishing in Twighlight Highlands Entrance to Vortex Pinnacle A few shots from Vortex Pinnacle. The light airy architecture and mist… Vortex Pinnacle Vortex Pinnacle Vortex Pinnacle. Stand in the lightning pyramid! Pew pew! Onto Halls of Origination – I loved this room Trogg gauntlet goodness in HoO Lost City, where riding a camel as cat… or tree… is a great deal of fun. Just to show it’s not all camels and sand in Lost City. Action shot. Lost City entrance Grim Batol… a smashed, dark Ironforge, … Continue reading

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The race to 85

This was going to be a response to a gratz post to our first lvl 85, but I realised it sounded snarky. Which it isn’t mean to be, more a reflection on how I’m approaching this expansion. I was reading somewhere that the first 85 took 5.5 hours… During the last expansion, our guild had a few people racing for server first lvl 80/class, and the amount of pre-farming and preparation they put in was amazing. And in top level guilds there are the levelling teams … Continue reading

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