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Visualising search terms

I’ve been playing with some of the data that WordPress supplies. I’m mildly disappointed with the stats package that you get in WordPress, and the inability to use Google Analytics with my blog, but I digress. Over the past couple of months, the main thing I’ve been watching are the search terms people have used when they land on the site. It’s self-filtering, as the things they search for are the things I have on my site, or they wouldn’t end up here… but nonetheless it’s … Continue reading

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Soloing heroic Azjol-Nerub

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Intro Kind of despondent after a failed attempt at soloing Naxx bosses, I headed out to Azjol Nerub to see if that was soloable at 85.My usual set up: feral druid tank spec and gear, 346ish ilvl. Trash The only really bad trash were the watchers before Krik’thir. I wiped the first time due to being locked down during their web wrap ability.I ran back in with a clear plan: kill the watchers. I know that sounds obvious, but the first time around I was taking … Continue reading

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Magmaw drakonid trash

The double drakonid pull just before Magmaw is pretty brutal. I’ve briefly described how we handle them in my Magmaw post here – but as I’ve had a few folk ask specifically how we handle them I thought I’d describe this pull in more detail here.Excuse the Maths, but this pull is all about the geometry. We set up in an obtuse isosceles triangle arrangement, as shown below. the Skull and the Cross are the two drakonids, the yellow circles are the radius for the thunderclap; … Continue reading

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Magmaw kill video – tank pov

Our guild’s latest Magmaw kill, from a main tank’s point of view. A bit messy, parasites in the raid at one point, but no deaths

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Soloing Heroic Violet Hold

Violet Hold was a boring heroic during Wrath, so I was kind of putting off going in there to solo it. Each time I ‘ported into Dalaran, I’d fly past the entrance on the way out to another dungeon, and pretend I hadn’t noticed it.This weekend I finally went in to have a look. And to be honest, it wasn’t too bad.Usual set up: feral tankish spec and gear, ilvl 346 or thereabouts. Trash The main worry I had as I entered the instance: would I … Continue reading

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New treeform animation

So I discovered this today while healing a heroic. How did I miss this patch note….?

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Magmaw is on twitter

Yes, our favourite anelid is tweeting about life as Nefarion’s captive. Read his daily rants and concerns, he answers questions and loot requests, including: “Now back to me- now back to you. Back to me- back to you. Back to Mangle.” “Halfus just told me plate mail is not biodegradable. Great. NOW what will I do with my leftovers? #ItsNotEasyBeingGreen” “I suppose the hallmark of civilization is forgivene- WAIT, WHAT’S THAT IN YOUR GCALENDER?!” But how does he tweet?- “My handlers are kind enough to apply … Continue reading

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