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chog 2011-04-28 at 8.31.30 PM

A small celebration post. Cho’Gall gently laid down (Chaos! Madness! Like a hug for your brain!!) and died for us (The master SEES!! The master SEES!!!). This encounter ranks pretty high for me in terms of enjoyment a finely tuned fight where if everything goes well it feels so smooth and easy, but one thing can go wrong and the fight tumbles down around you (Come Havoc! Come infinite night!) . So just a couple of screenies. Close to the end: And the ubiquitous kill shot: … Continue reading

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I’m a healer, not your slave.

This post feels a little bit off-center with 4.1 coming out today, as it has nothing to do with the new patch at all. Rather it’s about another PuG experience that left me angry. Angry at the group’s behaviour, the attitudes and with myself. Excuse the usual PuG rant, I constantly run with really good LFD groups, but this one raised a new issue/question for me. The context I was on a priest alt. It was normal Grim Batol. Everything was going okay: paladin tank wasn’t … Continue reading

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Digital Archaeology – Stormwind and beyond


Yesterday I shared some Ironforge screenshots from the original WoW open beta in November 2004. Glow followed in the footsteps of my beta character, Tathella, to see how the world had changed. Today Glow follows Tathella and Boaz out of Ironforge and into the surrounding countryside, and eventually off to Stormwind. Since beta, the world has changed so much outside of Ironforge: Loch Modan, Redridge and Stormwind are dramatically different in some places, but eerily similar in others. Sometimes it’s just a changed skyline that hints … Continue reading

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Digital Archaeology – Ironforge


Over the last week I’ve been cleaning out my web space and I unearthed a small deposit of screenshots and videos from multiple eras of my gaming history. Most of these artefacts I had no idea I still had, some that I found most fascinating were all taken from my experience in the WoW open beta: early November 2004. Part of the fascination was the amazement in the subjects of screenshots: my first fish caught, my first auction won. These things seem so mundane now, but … Continue reading

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Duoing Hyjal Summit

Archimonde falls

After having a go at soloing the Hyjal Summit in Caverns of Time, I walked away disappointed. I soloed enough trash to get my last few thousand Scale of the Sands rep to get exalted, but Rage Winterchill was too much for me alone. His continual Ice Tombing left me cold. (Haha.) But Shigeko is a DPS monster, so we went in together to see how much of MH was duo-able, both for his achievements and rep, and for my greedy gold loot count. And the … Continue reading

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Duoing Malygos

Alextrazsa saves the day! (Or comes to see her dead brother?)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Shigeko and I’ve been working on duoing some wrath achievements he still had left over. In the last week we’ve run lots of instances and raids together, including the Battle for Mount Hyjal and more recently Malygos in the Eye of Eternity. For our Malygos encounter, it was myself in my feral offspec/gear (about 350 ilvl) and Shigeko in his main spec – shadow priest, in pretty much entirely 359 gear. You could probably do this in blues though … Continue reading

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Soloing Void Reaver and Solarian

tk 2011-04-10 at 1.16.30 PM_sm

Tempest Keep is a fun instance to go back to at lvl 85. I’ve been in agroup that’s 3-manned Kael’thas a few times, but I wanted to go in and see if I could solo a couple of the bosses. I’d heard that Void Reaver was soloable, so I started there. My set up was as usual: feral druid, ilvl 350ish gear. Pretty much spent the whole time in bearform – except on Void Reaver as explained below. Trash None of the trash in the corridors … Continue reading

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