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In my bank

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The waxing and waning curse of the druid: bag space. Like most people I have the gear I’m wearing, my main set. And like many I also have a (currently partial) PVP set. I also have my kitty set, my bear set (which overlaps with my kitty set). Early wrath I also kept a boomie set. This isn’t really bad at the moment. There were times when I was tanking when I kept a full frost resist and/or full nature resist set as well. There were … Continue reading

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Rounding out 4.1, and heading to 4.2

Over the last few weeks, our guild has finished up the ‘normal’ mode tier content. We only raid 6 hours a week, and given that we have good people (which we do!) success in clearing this tier has really come down to getting a consistent group across Wed->Thu and holding the raid open on the right weeks to get enough time on Nef to get him down. After that we headed to Throne for the first time (yes I know!) and swiftly downed Conclave and Al’Akir. … Continue reading

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