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Logs, damned logs, and statistics

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I never thought I’d say this, but… I love playing with stats. I *hated* statistics in school, but I find I can while away endless hours trawling through statistics about topics that actually interest me. Of relevance to my blog, that means both raid logs and my blog’s visitor stats. I wait impatiently post-raid for our GM to announce ‘logs up!’ and head on over to World of Logs to start poking around. In the main I go there to look at my own performance: what … Continue reading

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Healing Alysrazor 10 man

Alys 2011-07-21 at 8.32.47 PM

My thoughts on healing Alysrazor in Firelands, as a resto druid. (This one!) As usual, I’m assuming you know the basic fight mechanics; this isn’t a guide of how to do the fight, but rather an outline of how I heal it. Strategy Raid composition: two tanks (warrior/druid) three healers (shaman, paladin, druid) five dps (two on each side, one in the air) As you can see we’ve been using three healers. It’s definitely healable with two healers in phase one and two easily, it’s just … Continue reading

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Healing Lord Rhyolith 10 man

Avoiding the lines of fire

Lord Rhyolith has been pretty significantly nerfed of late, but for what it’s worth, here’s how we kill him, and what I do when healing this fight. I like to call this boss the SexLeg boss. Just so you know. This is one of those fights where there is very little to heal if everything is going well. You could easily two heal it once you had the fight on farm. I’m going to assume you know the basic abilities and are just looking to fine … Continue reading

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Baleroc strategies – a little WoL analysis


The mechanics of the Baleroc fight have me thinking this week, so this is a compilation of my musings and investigations around how the encounter works and how others are ‘doing it’. It’s not a guide to the fight; if you’ve come here looking for that you might be interested in my post about healing this as a druid, here. The main three things I’ve been pondering are: Is the distribution of Decimation blade (DB) and Inferno blade (IB) random? (And what are the odds of … Continue reading

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Healing Baleroc 10 man

Flat demon.

We downed Baleroc last night on another ‘off raiding’ night. (We seem to be doing this a bit recently, hats off to the skillful folk in our guild who don’t usually raid but who come along to help, often filling offspec roles.) After a few nights of working on him trying a few different strats, I thought I’d document what we did to kill him. Druid healing point of view, as usual. We read lots of different strats for this guy. Heal rotations of one healer … Continue reading

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ZA Bear run video

A video of our bear run last night, from the PoV of our main tank and glorious* guild leader, Easypeasy. For healers interested, I think I stopped and drank twice just briefly. I drank about 6ish mana pots and innervated basically on cooldown. I was flasked from our raid the night before, but it wore off part way through I think. The only thing I did special: For the lynx gauntlet I tried to avoid having hots up between pulls (to avoid cataggro death). This meant … Continue reading

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Resto druid gear in 4.2

I’ve spent a couple of weeks bumbling through Firelands, not thinking about (or even looking at) what the bosses drop. Then a neck drops and I think “is that any good for me? should I bid for that?”. Once this starts happening I know I should start looking at what my options are and start planning what I bid on. Options So I start by making a list of what is available in each slot. Starting out with non-heroic gear, and assuming I’ll grind enough rep … Continue reading

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