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Key bindings


Urgh. My left had has been giving me serious issues. My healing hand! I’m going to a specialist this week, but in the mean time I’ve been *trying* to minimise my play time and typing time. This isn’t easy as a) I love games! and b) work is lots of typing too… But one thing I did notice is that my hand wasn’t giving me as many issues when I’m on my little prot pally. So I started looking seriously at her key bindings and realised … Continue reading

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Prospecting spreadsheet


Quick post just to share a spreadsheet I’ve been using to calculate the relative value of gems and ore and then the value prospecting versus transmuting and making a fire prism. The yellow cells are where you can enter the value of each of the items on your server. I’ve just used the current AH values – obviously if you’re buying from a farmer you can get these cheaper, but this will give you a starting point. Probably there are heaps of these around, but this … Continue reading

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Druid Firelands set – the ‘look’


I was lucky enough to have the guild craft the 378 leather caster boots for me last night, and within five minutes I was complaining. I’m not an ungrateful druid, honest. They have perfect stats, now endowed with a delicious lavawalker enchant, and I’m very happy with them. It’s just that… they have no toes. So I reluctantly turned my helm back on, so I could have a critical look at the whole set. I don’t have 4 pieces of t11, but I do have 378 … Continue reading

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World of Logs part 2 – Buffs and debuffs


One of the main tools from World of logs that I use is tracking buffs and debuffs. I use this as part of evaluating my own performance, how we are going as a raid, and also for investigating the timing of specific mechanics in an encounter. I do this by investigating the buffs and debuffs on me, on others in the raid, and on the bosses or other creatures involved in an encounter. This is the second part of a series of posts about how I … Continue reading

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Salty Glow

Hanging out with the other fish, The Lightless Reaches

I’m not very good at remembering the fishing competitions, but every time I do remember the Saturday or Sunday comp, I’ve entered. I don’t know, maybe 20 times… and always seem to get unlucky. Unlucky casts, unlucky fish (NO MORE Dezian Queenfish!), unluckily high number of co-fishers. But finally, I got a week where noone else was in my favourite area, and I got lucky with my pools and casts. Salty Glow. No more reminding myself it’s 2pm. No more profession achievements left.

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World of Logs part 1 – the Analyzer


I use World of logs to look at how I can improve my healing, and how our healing is working as a team. I also use logs as a problem solving tool: “Why are we wiping here?” is a common question I’m asking when I start digging around. So you won’t see much ‘damage done’ analysis here, as I’m more interested from a healer perspective, but this post may show you how you can analyze DPS/damage yourself if that’s your focus. What I’m going to post … Continue reading

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Healing Majordomo Staghelm – 10 man

Positioning during Scorpion phases

We killed Majordomo Staghelm last night, so here are my initial thoughts about healing this as a resto druid. We had half an hour left after clearing the first five, so thought we’d have a little look at Staghelm before finishing up for the night. Five pulls later and he was dead. Everything we’d read suggested he was easy, we’d had a look the week before and were fairly confident of downing him this week… but I still didn’t expect him to be THAT easy. Is … Continue reading

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