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First day of 4.3 – dungeons and transmogrifying

Another fun fight, if you like eyeballs.

Well, I havent’ really prepared any transmog sets, as I have SO many old tier sets in the bank. I have moved most of them over to void storage now, and it’s all nice and organised. What I’m sporting at the moment: I don’t have the gloves, but my current gloves blend quite well. I love the simple moon helm, so I’ll be wearing that for a bit. My void storage still has a little space: I do now feel a little motivated to fill the … Continue reading

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Dragon Soul: Resto druid gear

Gear planning time for 4.3 Glow. I like to look at what options are available for each slot, then use that to inform my planning for each boss. I like to know which boss drops I should prioritise, in case I end up bidding on something that’s not optimal for me and could go to someone else – versus which boss drops are key as they fill a difficult-to-optimise slot. Our guild runs loot council, it’s important for me to use a bit of common sense … Continue reading

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We shouldn’t have to ask “Who is Deathwing?”

As I’m finalising my gear planning for 4.3, I noticed a link to this article here, entitled Who is Deathwing?. It’s a nice summary, but it’s possibly my one really large gripe about Cataclysm: we shouldn’t have to be TOLD who Deathwing is. In Wrath, Arthas’ story was woven into the plot almost the whole way. Almost every zone had a major quest chain where he featured. Particularly the alliance Dragonblight beach scene and the Icecrown quest series lead by the enigmatic Matthias Lehner. By the … Continue reading

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Battle rez the druid!

Vortex pinnacle

I’m still alive, stop trying to rez me! Phew. It’s just my BLOG that’s been dead. Apologies to those who are looking for the Firelands heroic guides that I promised to write, and have sitting in draftland all abandoned. I recently started a new job, so with that, and a bit of travelling and a fair chunk of crafting…. my little blog has fallen by the wayside. I’ve still been WoWing: raiding, alting, farming… but just not WRITING about it. This is partly because I started … Continue reading

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