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Santa’s Little helper’s little mount

Ok, so I didn’t know this would happen.

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Glow’s Holiday gift guide


Not sure what to get your warrior friend for Winter’s veil? Need an idea for your multitude of gnome nieces and nephews? Confused about whether fizzy drinks are okay for great aunt Aggra? Worry no more, with Glow’s handy Winter’s Veil gift guide! With this list of gift ideas to suit any budget, surprise your guildies and final get that g-promote you’ve always been after (it may help to get your guild leader drunk first.) Wrapping Wrapping your gift before mailing it can make all the … Continue reading

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Soloing ICC 5man heroics


Hopped into the Icecrown 5 man heroic dungeons this afternoon, as an ease into the weekend. I just ran through each of the three in order, following the plot. It was pretty easy, so mostly this is a quick visual account of my adventures. Setup Druid, feral kitty gear 378-391 ilvl, but mostly I stayed in bear form for easy mode AOE and cooldowns. I have a mostly kitty talent build: with a couple of tank talents thrown in. I didn’t stealth past any trash, though … Continue reading

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World of Logs part 3 – Logs!


Over the last week, I’ve been trawling through our logs, trying to solve a problem: in Madness of Deathwing, our tanks kept dying. Tank deaths drive me nuts. We’re two-healing this fight, myself and Marlae our holy pally, and I know we’re both working our butts off, so when our RL says in vent “why are our tanks dying?” there’s silence. You know that moment. I want to be able to give an answer, but I can’t, not without a greater understanding of the fight. My … Continue reading

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Healing Dragon Soul – normal modes

Next: Madness.

I sat down to start writing my thoughts on healing each encounter in Dragon Soul… and I can’t do it. Dragon Soul has been a bit of a whirlwind for us – as I’m sure it has been for everyone. The last couple of tiers of content, I’ve been able to slowly build up a feel for each boss as we’ve progressed, changing my healing strategies to best suit the mechanics of the fights and timing of boss abilities. In Dragon Soul it’s our 10th hour … Continue reading

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Raiding Dragon Soul – week 1

And onto Deathwing. Nearrrrrrly got him our last attempt, so should burn him this week!

First impressions of Dragon Soul: it’s fun, the bosses are pretty cool. Morchok is too easy even for a normal mode boss, but that’s okay. The real deal will be the heroics, but it’s been fun to get a feel for the fights. So some pretty pictures and brief thoughts: And that was my happy-fun-raid times this week. Dragon Soul should be fun – looking forward to clearing normal and belting up some heroics.

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