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(yet another girl gamer post) Navimie at The Daily Frostwolf recently got me thinking again about the whole ‘feminism in gaming’ discussion. One of her observations was the she hasn’t seen much sexism in the people she plays with, and I’m currently in a similar position: the guild I’m with has always had a fairly balanced gender make-up and is comprised of mature/open-minded folk. The last couple of raiding guilds I’ve been with have been similar in that regard. But I have experienced a whole range … Continue reading

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Glow calls WoW raiding quits

No big surprise to many, I’ve decided to step back from WoW generally and raiding specifically. Basically my partner and I aren’t really enjoying our WoW playtime much, and there’s so much else out there to do. That’s all very simple, and it’s easy to say ‘well just stop playing’ but as usual it’s the personal stuff that’s all knotty. We’re in a small tightly-knit guild, and we like the people. Take out one fulltime healer and one full time dps and that’s a big hole … Continue reading

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Purifier: cleric healing that burns

Starting up Rift I knew I wanted to play a cleric. It pulled on my D&D heartstrings. “Clerics! they wear mail and heal and wield hammers and smite their foes! Yeah!” I started off by looking at this soul choice chart I remembered from a year ago and swiftly dug back up. Decided I’d dps as I levelled, and chose the inbuilt inquisitor-based purpose (forget what it’s called) and pewpewed my way to level 50. Have to say I LOVE playing the Inquisitor, very fun. Once … Continue reading

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Other business

Feather embroidery I've just finished

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve found myself running out of things to do in WoW, outside of the time spent raiding and badge-capping each week. Glow’s pretty much run out of achievements outside of PvP. I’ve already got multiple alts that are LFR-able… but gearing them up further just for the sake of it is getting circular and pointless. I have lots of ‘making’ hobbies, I’m a bit of a craft nut and tend to always have a ‘project’ of some sort on the … Continue reading

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