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Demon hunter build


This is as close as I’ll come to a Demon hunter ‘guide’. As usual it’s just ‘how I play my toon’. After reading last night that there is a huge variation of different class builds in Diablo 3, I thought I might record the one I’ve been using for the last couple of levels. I just hit 60, and haven’t even looked at my lvl 60 runes yet. As soon as I hit 60 we killed some champs and I didn’t want to lose my nephalem … Continue reading

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Random nerdiness

I’m going to have to blame Cymre for posting this Nerdscore test this morning… and so I really just had to find out my score too. I think My maths degree has inflated my score I’m more than just my maths degree! Only today I did engaged in an email argument with an old friend who suggested that ‘debunk’ classified as a ‘word that only exists in prefixed form’. Like these. A nice little trail of searches later, I discovered that ‘debunk’ means ‘to remove the … Continue reading

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BattleTAG and the lack of ‘us’ time

I’ve blogged previously about the lack of privacy afforded by the BattleTAG system, and that still stands. But what I hadn’t anticipated was how extremely poor the social online experience would be in Diablo 3. Blizzard may tout the BattleTAG features as allowing you to chat with your friends across games – but it doesn’t allow you to socialise within the game beyond a simple one-to-one chat. Only after playing Diablo for a week or so, and after a couple of comments made by friends does … Continue reading

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Diablo 3 – nightmare cleared


On Monday night, Shigeko and I completed Nightmare. Act 3 and 4 were fun, and we discovered a small suite of optional areas in Act 4 that we missed on or normal run through. So Act 4 took us a fair bit longer this time… plus the particular combo of a champ pack that must have taken us 15-20 mins to kill alone. More ability combinations As we cleared through, I tried to collect as many screenies of boss/champ ability combinations as I could, just to … Continue reading

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Diablo 3 – Nightmare


Over the weekend Shigeko and I spent some time working our way through Nightmare difficulty. This post will mainly be about the kinds of mobs we have faced so far. I’ll post some more on actually playing my demonhunter tomorrow. Difficulty I was initially surprised that it didn’t feel like a step up in difficulty. I mean… yes the normal mobs were harder, but only like they were the next ‘area’ of mobs. That is: they felt perfectly tuned for the level of my character. In … Continue reading

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Diablo 3 – normal mode cleared

He's dead Dave.

Last night we completed Act 3 and Act 4, and hence cleared the normal mode. As it was bare minutes before the servers went down, we haven’t had a chance to head into Nightmare yet, so looking forward to that for the weekend. Act 3 This continued to be lots of fun. It was split over two sessions of play, but it felt like quite a long act. Again, we tend to play by exploring every edge of every map, so we squeezed as much time … Continue reading

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Diablo 3 – lessons from the warfront


Onward through acts two and three! After a long day in the office, it was back to Caldeum for the evening. Act 2 continued The rest of Act 2 was engaging, with plenty of intrigue and ‘who will betray who?’. The desert theme continued, with added forays into sewers, caves and shadow sanctuaries…. so the environments were very reminiscent of D2’s Act 2, which was fun. Following on the theme from Act 1, there were also a number of random events/vendors/rescues/caves that we encountered, including a … Continue reading

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