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Glow is a tauren once more


Well it’s been a busy couple of weeks. After care preparation and quest completions, Glow and Shig faction transfered and joined Frostwolves on Saurfang hordeside. The usual worries about what would go wrong with the transfer, most of which never happened. I took screenshots of my bank: And my void storage…. Just in case: And only one item disappeared on the transfer, the Essence of the Firelord from the Thunderaan quest. Oh well, I expected it may go. The only other slightly annoying part of the … Continue reading

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Two Moons and Seven Stars


It’s very probable that Glow will be faction transferring in the next few days, and becoming a Tauren. As part of her horde scouting mission, I’ve been scoping out the territory on my warrior, Lyndra. I’m always keen to explore the horded-alliance differences, but I was stunned by the differences between the two Shrines in the Vale of Eternal Sorrows. So I’ve taken some screenshots to illustrate the differences. Warning: this is a VERY image heavy post. (And please excuse the random texture I’m using to … Continue reading

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