Rounding out 4.1, and heading to 4.2

Over the last few weeks, our guild has finished up the ‘normal’ mode tier content.

We only raid 6 hours a week, and given that we have good people (which we do!) success in clearing this tier has really come down to

  1. getting a consistent group across Wed->Thu and
  2. holding the raid open on the right weeks to get enough time on Nef to get him down.

After that we headed to Throne for the first time (yes I know!) and swiftly downed Conclave and Al’Akir.

My feelings about this are mixed.

It would have been nice to get time on some hardmodes before 4.2 landed (we have done Halfus). But reflecting back on the year, the amount of solid raid time we’ve had is really small. First there was the timing of the Cata launch with LOTS of folk on family/summer holidays until well into mid Jan. Then we’ve been screwed around *endlessly* by rolling restarts smack in the middle of our raid time. Also a large chunk of our core raiders (and our GM!) are in and around Brisbane, so the floods took out another couple of weeks of raiding. (Not to downplay the actual toll on those players in real life of course.) In total, our dedicated on-task time in t11 raid instances was actually pretty tiny, so we’ve done well to achieve what we have.

With all of this in mind, I’m really optimistic moving forward into t12. Apart from the usual server stability and player mod issues on 4.2 launch, I’m hoping our entry into this tier will be much smoother.  We have a great group of long term guildies and new faces with great ‘lets have a go’ attitudes.

And I’m really looking forward to new content. I hope it’s hard. I hope we SMASH it hard. I hope we take on new challenges and hard modes and prove to ourselves that we’re great (because we know we are really). And have a few laughs while we’re doing it. And give me lots of material to blog about.

Anyone else having this wildly optimistic feeling about the new content? Or are you already counting your rep grinding days ahead?

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2 Responses to Rounding out 4.1, and heading to 4.2

  1. Jasyla says:

    I always look forward to new content. I’m pretty happy with my progression in tier 11, but I am hopeful tier 12 will be even better.

    The thought of new rep grinds doesn’t bother me. I never force myself to do dailies and things like that. I’ll get rep (and rep gear) at my own pace.

    Good luck in T12!

  2. Nardelan says:

    I’m really happy with how Tier 11 turned out overall – both as a raid tier and also with our guild’s performance.

    From a raiding stand point, I found most encounters enjoyable even when they were officially on farm (although Maloriak still gives me the shits…but I’ll get to that :P). For a first tier of raiding in this expansion, it was great we did not get a repeat of Tier 7 content. The fights were challenging and introduced some interesting mechanics.

    …except for interrupts.

    I appreciate the design concept of making people do other things apart from mash their primary ability over and over again. But the concept of interrupting an insta-gib boss ability has been done to death already in this expansion. We have been doing it while levelling, gearing in 5mans and then again in our raids.

    Hopefully Firelands will not contain too many monsters that need a quick Skull Bashing :P

    As a guild, I am really happy with how we progressed. I too would have liked more time on Hard Modes – but for reasons already mentioned things have worked against us in that respect. I’m thinking that with only 7 bosses in Firelands, we’ll get more of a chance to experience some Hard Mode content.

    Moving forward, can’t wait for 4.2. I’m excited to get into Firelands and smash it up with the guild. I’m looking forward to the new dailies, can’t wait to check out the new Thrall quest line and really interested to see how we go getting someone in the guild a shiny Legendary item to show off in Stormwind.


    Dammit, I need to blog – there’s so much more I could rattle on about…