In my bank

The waxing and waning curse of the druid: bag space.

Like most people I have the gear I’m wearing, my main set. And like many I also have a (currently partial) PVP set. I also have my kitty set, my bear set (which overlaps with my kitty set). Early wrath I also kept a boomie set. This isn’t really bad at the moment. There were times when I was tanking when I kept a full frost resist and/or full nature resist set as well. There were times when cat and bear sets didn’t overlap, nor balance/resto sets.

I also have a small stock of herbs for making concoctions as needed. Just one bag.

None of this should cripple me. None of this should fill my mind with twisted, cluttered terror. I should have a gorgeous array of gleaming empty holes in my bank. But when I talk to Leslie, this is what I see:

Cue jarring chords

…this is my bank after a minor tidy up this week where I deleted quite a bit of … junk. Yes it was junk, I’ll admit it.

So I have issues. I collect stuff. I hold onto quest items I can never re-acquire if I delete them. Every quaint trinket that calls a pet, tabards, hats, shirts, costumes… tier sets, wands…

Working on an annotated version of this, so for the moment I just leave it here as-is so I can admire that there is space…

…. and tell myself what a good job I did this week: deleting my Netherwing trinket (no more whelp, ever!), deleting my other Moonglade robes (but now I only have two colours!) destroying my Wisp amulet, my Druid and priest set (but they took so long to get!)…

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3 Responses to In my bank

  1. Nardelan says:

    I remember the days when Whiz was a full-time Druid and how I used to pick on her constant lack of bag space.

    How things have changed!

    My poor druid and his constant lack of bag/bank space! Not even my warrior comes close to overflowing bags of Nard.

    Throw out that Tier 9 imo :P

  2. Melyanna says:

    Your bank has more space than mine =P Mine is filled with unobtainable items (which granted will never be used), a couple cool druid tier sets and robes and whatnot XD It’s only gotten worse since I started collecting an offspec set. Perhaps its time to get rid of all those archaeology items….

    • Glow says:

      Yeah it was the achaeology item deletions that really cleared up space for me. I shipped off the BoA ones like the silly scarab necklace, but made myself delete anything that fell under the ‘shines a beam of light on me’ level of excitement. (It was actually very difficult to destroy the druid and priest set; it was my first rare from arch, and my partner plays a priest so it felt kind of special. I was pretty saddened by its graphical effect, I was imagining it might have made an actual small statue on the ground when used….)
      But like you it’s the ‘unobtainable’ stuff that I find the hardest to delete. MAJOR bummer was faction changing and losing my Archmage Vargoth staff forever. So I keep thinking of that and then hold onto everything.
      And yes, I have full tier 2 and numerous partial tier sets I keep telling myself I’ll go back and complete…. but still haven’t.
      And do I really need to keep those three shirts? Hm, probably not. Have I worn them since I acquired them? Nope. Sigh.