Purifier: cleric healing that burns

Starting up Rift I knew I wanted to play a cleric. It pulled on my D&D heartstrings. “Clerics! they wear mail and heal and wield hammers and smite their foes! Yeah!”

I started off by looking at this soul choice chart I remembered from a year ago and swiftly dug back up. Decided I’d dps as I levelled, and chose the inbuilt inquisitor-based purpose (forget what it’s called) and pewpewed my way to level 50. Have to say I LOVE playing the Inquisitor, very fun.

Once I was close to 50 I bought a new soul and stared at the healing trees. Hm. Three healing souls to mix and match with: a single target one, a more AoE based one and a HoT one. The idea of a cleric that used the searing power of fire to heal appealed to me, and I wanted to avoid the HoT-based one for fear of druiding myself again.

Okay. Purifier it is. Built myself a bit of a spec and started healing Rifts/Events and IAs with it.

First hurdle: my initial soul mix meant that I had 5 billion heals and no idea which ones I should use.

I played around a bit and narrowed it down to 4 main cooldowns, 2 self heals/shields, 2 single target shield things and only one billion actual heals. Tried putting all of these in my UI meaningfully. I bound 6 or so to my naga buttons and 12 or so on my keyboard. It was still silly, but as I started venturing into dungeons, I got a better feel for which spells were useful when, and started to narrow it all down.

I also respecced a little, simplifying the balance of spells, and that helped. But more of that below.

Second hurdle: my UI.

I wanted a VuhDo-ish addon that allowed me to click-heal and use my mouseover macros. I started off with RiftHealer – and the click healing was great, but it didn’t support mouseovers. It took me a while to work this out (only one or two people died while I merrily and blithely self-healed myself at them). After raging volubly about my UI, a concerned bf found RiftHBot for me. Hurrah! Mouseovers AND click-binding, all per-soul. Lovely.

I found this bowling ball here.

Disclaimer: I’m well-aware of the macro-driven nature of lots of the community info that’s out there already. Ones that say ‘bind these 23 spells to one click and you’re set.’ Screw that. Seriously. Flame away, but I like to have fine-tuned control of what I cast when. Happy to bind cooldowns to a big heal for emergencies… but I’d prefer my healing to be like playing a piano: an elegant and skillful dance of multiple key presses. Rather than a slot machine at the casino: I press the same button over and over and don’t know what combination of pretty lights I get.

Anyway, with UI and spec finally settled down, I have healed about 10 normal dungeons with this spec and am enjoying it. I’m pretty sure it’s an unusual build, I’ve dpsed a few normals too, and you don’t see many purifiers.

My spec looks a bit like this: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=00jGe.t0x0c.EgkEItdqz.-5
Sentinel comments:
I’ve taken enough points in Sentinel to get Touch the Light and Healing Communion. Touch the Light is great with Restorative flame, and having HC means I have some solid AOEs to throw out when my AOE shields are on cooldown. I’m also using Healing grace as my idling heal – ultra cheap so I can just keep casting it when I’m watching to switch up a gear. Healing breath is the best instant heal, so much stronger than Healing flare, and an 8 second cooldown means I’m using it all the time.

Purifier comments:
I’m absolutely loving Spiritual Conflagration, it’s a tank saver. Surging flames is a fun buff, I like the flexibility of healing a topped-off tank to heal the group (teamed with Sp Conflag it’s amazing). And Latent Blaze is a nice mini-life save if the tank is dipping low. Plus a heap of other shortish-term cooldowns to pop when I need to ramp things up. There’s a lot of fun stuff in this soul, and I enjoy having so many instants to throw out when I’m moving, as I tend to be very mobile while healing.

Warden comments:
This is just for Healing spray, it’s a fairly weak HoT, but I like to have one up my sleeve. :-)


Still LOTS to learn about this build, and spec/ui fiddling to do. But I am having lots of fun with it, and now that I have a bit of gear I’m starting to feel the power of it. I intend to play with other cleric souls more (so far I’ve only Inquired and Purified) especially the healery types, and I’d like to test this build out in some expert dungeons and see how I go.

Lots to do, lots to do :-)

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2 Responses to Purifier: cleric healing that burns

  1. wruf says:

    downloading client. see you on the other side

    • Glow says:

      The Wrufster! It’s free to level 20 (as you’ve no doubt found) so easy to dip in and try it out :-) Poke us on twitter if you’re around so we can g-invite you :-D We’re on Laethys shard of course, and defiants :-D