Returning to WoW… and LFG(uild)


It’s been a while. Nearly two years. And I’ve fallen back into the cycle of wanting more.

More gear, more rep, more pets, more progression… more from this thing we call a game.

After a (very) long break, I’ve been tempted back in by WoD. Which means I had to buy MoP. Which means I’m playing MoP just to ‘check it out’. So I’ve geared Glow almost as much as I can in LFR. I’m working my way through my cloak quests, and incrementally bringing my 85s up to 90.

So now it’s time to look into raiding with a guild. And so the horror begins.

I don’t know where to start. I need that perfect guild. The one that values payers for their effort/skill and not their current gearing. The one that encourages people but knows when to ‘cut the cord’. The one that builds on its strengths moving into new content. It doesn’t give up, but it doesn’t beat its head against brick walls either. It uses evidence and performance and hard work to beat objectives. Challenges its members to try harder and solve problems, research and experimentation and…

Okay I ask too much.

Does this exist?

Edit: Oh and it needs to be Oceanic, and preferably alliance. And planning for WoD already.

Yep definitely asking too much.

1 healer, 1 RDPS LFguild. PST. :(

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11 Responses to Returning to WoW… and LFG(uild)

  1. Logtar says:

    We meet most of your criteria, just not Oceanic :(

  2. Glow says:

    Ah well, the search continues in earnest.

  3. Navimie says:

    A shame you’re alliance Glow :)
    I know we’re not exactly your cup of tea, but the door is always open for you!
    And, I was wondering when this post was going to be written!

    • Glow says:

      Ah Navi, <3 I don’t mind going horde (I love tauren druids!) but my other half isn’t so keen.
      And I love tea of all kinds. ;-)

  4. Tellervo says:

    Hey welcome back! I saw you online the other day and was contemplating whether I should say hi! :D

    Well, on Alliance side of Saurfang there aren’t many choices these days, but my guild is still going strong and has a solid plan for WoD, and is LFM good raiders. We have a great RL who checks to make sure you are doing the right thing, rather than check the healing meter to see if you are topping the chart. I think Ominous does fit your descriptions.

    One major road block is your current gear level …

    Every 2nd week we extend a raid lock to work on a progression boss so unfortunately gearing is somewhat slow for new applicants who are undergeared :(

    If you apply, I will definitely put in a good word for you! Do make sure to mention that I asked you to apply, so your app doesn’t get declined based on your item level :-)

    • Tellervo says:

      Actually a correction – have just been told that tonight is most likely the last farm night before killing H Garrosh which makes it less attractive for people still gearing up :(

      • Glow says:

        Ah thanks Tellervo, good to know. And thanks for your kind words in any case. :-)

        I will keep looking around, there are a few guilds around that look like they may be possibilities, just not on Saurfang.

  5. Erinys says:

    Welcome back :)
    I hope you find the perfect guild soon.

  6. Nardelan says:

    So that newbie guild you joined is actually looking for an additional healer and ranged DPS ;)

    Was great to catch up with you guys again!

    Nard (confused Bear who now plays a Hunter)