Found a home

So since my last post, I’ve finally found a home.

I ran into an old friend from Labyrinth of Lost Souls. I literally started comparing achievements to make sure it was him :) And then he cheered at me, yay! it was Nardelan!

Anyway, it turned out that he and his partner had started  a new raiding guild. So Shigeko and I joined as casual members.

I’m nowhere near geared enough to join their heroic runs, but getting there slowly. I ran a flex with some of their alts and got some 540 pieces, including my four piece set bonus. So I’m set to start running more flex and maybe some normals and keep climbing that gear ladder.

So what have I been up to?

Lots of timeless isle farming for my “I’m going to need bigger bags” achievement. A very small amount of pet battling. A fair amount of LFR, and just starting to do more flex. Levelling alts for their feeding of Glow’s consumable and buff needs (90 sham, priest and pally so far).

I’m enjoying myself. And glad to be guilded with friends :)

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3 Responses to Found a home

  1. Nardelan says:


    More flex this week? ;)

    Seriously, your ilvl isn’t that bad to be honest! Think I did some “yolo” healing on my Druid with a similar ilvl (albeit with the cloak included) in past raids of ours and the big issue I had at the time was mana management. Sure, my numbers weren’t fantastic but it was enough so that the boss went down and people didn’t curse my name haha.

    Let me know if there is anything we can do to help! More raiding Nerds the better :)

    • Glow says:

      More flex would be grand! And I’ve never seen people curse your name! Curse your pet’s name yes, curse your big bear butt maybe. But your actual name? Never! ;-)

      I am on the titan runestone stage of the cloak quest now. So will be LFR-ing my ass off during the week. ToT done, so hoping to get lucky in SoO. I started a week behind Shig’s mage, but I have de-synced with the Gaze buffs and so he finished his cloak on his mage last week, but I feel like I have weeks left. Sigh. We shall see.

      Once I have my cloak I can do Ordos as well, and hopefully get some bits that way too. Getttting there.

      We’d both love to raid, but we definitely didn’t join expecting to muscle in on raid spots just because we’re old friends. Plus, we haven’t even done the fights on normal yet, so there’s some research and practice time to dump into mechanics for us. But we’re around if you’re desperate ;-)

  2. Navimie says:

    Yay! That’s perfect :D Glad you found a good home!