And she changes her mind

More personal ramblings, so apologies in advance.

Nard was kind and invited us into his guild, but they are working through heroics and we aren’t even close, so we quietly left. You know, that cowardly thing where you wait till no one else is online to guilt, so that there’s no drama. Sigh. I did mail Nard and he was nice about it, but probably mystified by our flopping. Sorry Nard.

So we’ve been guildless for a week or so again. I’m back to trawling the oceanic recruitment threads, but all the guilds that have the right kind of outlook are working on the last few heroics, so our timing is terrible.

Still, despite this, there may be some light on the horizon. Due to some conversations last night, we may have found a place. The place that jumped up and down in front of me within weeks of me starting back in the game.

I’m a bit nervous for lots of reasons, but we shall see. Hopefully I’ll have more to say on this in a couple of days once logistics are ironed out.

Also, my head is buzzing with lots of new things to blog about, so this place will become more active. Work (as in RL work) has taken a bit of a dive so in finding myself with more time to get involved back in the community. Looking forward to un-hermitting myself again :-)

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