…. and back to elf.

The flip-flop is real.

One of the unexpected things about faction transferring and joining Frostwolves, was that I discovered that a few of my old LoLS guildies had joined FW at some stage in the past. It was lovely playing with them again. It also meant that a few of us began doing social (IRL) stuff again too. Soon, without meaning to, I started to feel all nostalgic, and wondered if we could get the old guild back together somehow, even if we didn’t raid.

In the end it didn’t come from me. I was chatting to our old guild leader (Easypeasy) and he independently suggested it would be nice if we were all back together for WoD. And then, within a week, it seemed to all fall into place! We transferred back to alliance and were back in LoLS. (I know the magical apparent smoothness was an illusion caused by EP doing a lot of work in the background, thank you! And thank you again to Navi and Frostwolves for welcoming us into their home. )

There were only a handful of us that were easily traceable or that we’d kept in touch with, but a few others have found their way back into the fold over the last couple of weeks… and it’s looking like time to start recruiting a few more now that we know who we have.

So. Glow is an elf again. A high-definition, new-look elf. Running the new five mans, itching to start writing about healing and raids and garrisons and UI and…! I’ve started tidying up around here, but apologies if there’s still some old content laying around, it will take some time to wipe away the dust and refresh the décor.

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