First night of raiding: wash out

There was a definite air of excitement in our ranks as we gathered outside Highmaul in anticipation of our first night of raiding in Warlords of Draenor.

EP gave the traditional “this is how we raid as a guild” speech and we stepped onto the lift together and rose up into the sunshine of the arena. Trash pulled and killed. Boss pulled and first tank death signalled that unbeknownst to us, things were badly wrong. That instant battle rez seemed to last forever… and in fact did. We all died one by one. I died up in the stands. When I released I stood up and was killed again. And again. Mayhem broke out in vent as everyone complained of odd, laggy behaviour.

And lo, the server was broken. Whether it was DDoS or something else, I don’t know. But after 45 minutes of waiting for it to pass, we called it for the night.

Hopefully Thursday night raiding will be a little better. It can’t be any worse.

On the plus side, it feels like some of our new members ‘fit’ our guild ethos really well. Not all of the new folk, but at least one person feels really promising. This fills me with joy :-) We will see about others as they open up and chat more. Or less.



On a personal note, I went out before raid, and joined the craziness that is Tarlna tapping, and picked myself up a 650 chest and gloves (yay, bonus roll!).

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