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Mini update Nov 14 (4.2)

I use addons to keep my interface clean and clear, and so I can heal both reactively and proactively. I like to know who’s taking damage and why, but I hate clutter! Also, if I can’t see what’s under my feet I freak out a little ;-).

This is a random moment during Firelands trash (click for full screen):

And here is the annotated version. Explanations follow, but feel free to post questions :)

  1. Bazooka and associated brokered plugins. I have used Titanbar and Fubar in the past, and they are both great but often lagging behind when new patches come out. I’ve been using Bazooka for a while now, and I’m liking it a lot, highly configurable and lots of brokered bits to plug into it.
  2. Pitbull for my target/party frames. I need a better screenshot to show this :) I hide my party frames when I’m in a raid, but they run down the left there for my healer toons. This shows myself, my target, the target-of-target and the target-of-target-of-target. Why do I show these? Great for tank swapping fights or RTS, so I can see who the tank’s target is targeting. When I’m playing a dps character/spec I move myself and my target in the bottom centre of the screen.
  3. Gnosis cast bars. My new favourite cast bar mod. I used to use quartz, but Gnosis has lovely tick marks for channelled spells and really slick latency handling. Highly recommended if you’re a hot/dot/channel caster. I like to have my cast bar sitting right on top of my raid frames so I can keep an eye on cast times and GCDs easily. Here I’m busily spamming Nourish so I can get a screenie that shows the bar!
  4. VuhDo. I’ve used Grid since Naxx 1.0, and although I’ve tried VuhDo before and gave up on it, the multiple issues of Grid plugin compatibility forced my hand. If you’ve seen old screenshots of my ui, you may notice that my VuhDo setup is pretty similar to my old Grid one. The red border around a unit shows me who has aggro – Easypeasy, Nardelan and Marlae in this case. I track my own wild growth, rejuv and lifebloom with numbers in different corners – here I can see that my LB has 4 sec left on EP, and is three stacks (as it’s green). RJ has 3 seconds left on EP, 8 on Voros and 4sec Nard, that my WG is ticking away on multiple members with 6 sec left and that Evea needs a top up (he’s always tanking something!). I can also see that poor KassemG is dead.
    VuhDo is also responsible for my tank frames off to the left there.
  5. Forte Exorcist. This mod lets you keep track of cooldowns/durations for whichever spells you like, as well as internal cooldowns and trinket cooldowns. Here you can see the cooldowns for wild growth and swiftmend ticking down. It also tracks ICDs, trinkets, debuff durations… all sorts of things and it’s highly configurable. I just use the bare bones stuff though.
  6. Weak Auras: I’ve switched from PowerAuras to Weak Auras since 4.1, and I’m loving it. You can set up pretty arcs and warnings just like Power Auras, but of late I’ve taken to using spell icons as indicators. Here I’m seeing that Treeform and Tranquility are off cooldown, as well as lifeblood. I’ve also got it showing that my Harmony buff is up – I am thinking of changing this to show when it ISNT up, to reduce the clutter in combat. I’ev also got it set up to show me when my innervate is off cooldown – but only if my mana is below 70%. Also it plays a little =ding= noise whenever both of those conditions are met AND my power torrent has procced, so I can pop innervate when I have a bigger mana pool if I want to.
  7. Parrot: is my scrolling combat text addon of choice. Another hugely configurable mod, I have my outgoing heals/damage on the right, and incoming on the left (you can just see a tick of healing stream over there on the left).
  8. Markbar: a slick little addon for applying raid icons. A lovely tool for tanking. I have it set to fade unless I’m using it.
  9. Chatter: I use chatter to manage my chat frames and keep them as tidy as possible. I like to have all of my raid-important chat in one frame, and whispers/gchat in another.
  10. Recount: I mainly use that to look back over my healing from a night and see what I’ve been casting. Though it’s great to keep track of how we’re going in specific boss fights where dps is an issue as well.
  11. Dominoes: I used to use Bartender, but now am using Dominoes. Just another major mod changover that I made when 4.0 hit :) My most often used spells are on 1-5 and F1-5 ish and then G, F, T, R, B… I have a few hidden keybinds that aren’t visible here, and my ‘J, Y’ keybindings are a hot-swap spot according to what the encounter is.
  12. Omen: Good for predicting incoming aggro swap so you can switch to healing the mages when they pull agro :)

Some other mods I love that you can’t see here:

Tidy plates: I use the threat plates plugin for this too.

Ice tip: to keep tool tips where I like them, and nice and minimal.

That’s it! please post any questions/comments/suggestions, or let me know if there’s anything you don’t understand. Also feel free to throw me questions on twitter (@glowbie).

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