Reaper of Souls beta – first impressions

Expansion splash 1

As usual, once home after work I checked my email looking for that WildStar beta invite. To my surprise and excitement, there was a Diable 3 Reaper of Souls invite instead. I stared at the email carefully, assuming it was probably a phish, and headed instead off to my bnet account to check. And it was real, hurrah! Apologies – there will be screenshot spam, and I’ve already backlogged more screenies than I can chat about in one post, so this first post is just a … Continue reading

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Trying out League of Legends

For a few weeks I’ve been dabbling in League of Legends. I know the general premise of the game, from watching streams and second hand conversations over the last year or so, and my search for something to master has led me to LoL. I have been playing 5 v AI games. Initially with Garen, playing until I felt I knew what I was doing: where his buttons were and what to use when. But over the last week I’ve been playing Sona. There’s something about … Continue reading

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About mastery

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This post is just ‘thinking out loud’. It contains no useful information, but is hoping for a response from kindred spirits. I’ve been pondering the importance of mastery. No, not that WoW class-specific stat, the one that you stack this week and reforge off the next. I’m talking about¬†actual mastery: being skilled and knowledgeable. It’s a bit late, but I suddenly realised that mastery of¬†something is incredibly important to me. And on a selfish level, maybe a vain level: being publicly masterful. Or at least publicly … Continue reading

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Flitting between games

Well, it’s been a while. It’s been a while since I blogged here; it’s been a while since I played WoW. The qualifiers here are meaningful. I have been blogging lots elsewhere, and I have been playing lots of other games. “There is too much, I will sum up.” Since I stopped raiding back in March, I spent a bit of time logging into alts and mucking around. That lasted a couple of months but it gradually petered out. I haven’t logged in for a looong … Continue reading

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Still wandering through D3

It’s been a while. Work has been busy and I’ve been sick, so I’ve not had the energy to do much in the evenings, any gaming has been just that and no more. I’ve been pottering away at D3 though, playing my wee barbarian. I finally finished act 2 on him, Belial inferno + Aussie pings is pretty brutal… that and it took me a while to realise I really needed a more dps build/gearing config to down him. Onto act 3 and being brutalised by … Continue reading

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Random silliness


That is all.

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Diablo 3 – Hell mode cleared

Fighting two Izuals. This didn't go so well.

Last night Shigeko and I finished clearing Hell and started Inferno. Woo! We had a small run around in Inferno: finished the first few quests/areas there and it didn’t look terrifying. We only fought one champ pack and the ability combo wasn’t insane, so we killed them quickly and painlessly. I’m assuming the pain levels will ramp up heavily though as we press onwards. We thankfully didn’t come up against one of these: The difficulty of Hell difficulty We actually didn’t find Hell toooo bad. Elite … Continue reading

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