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Resto druid gear in 4.2

I’ve spent a couple of weeks bumbling through Firelands, not thinking about (or even looking at) what the bosses drop. Then a neck drops and I think “is that any good for me? should I bid for that?”. Once this starts happening I know I should start looking at what my options are and start planning what I bid on. Options So I start by making a list of what is available in each slot. Starting out with non-heroic gear, and assuming I’ll grind enough rep … Continue reading

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Rounding out 4.1, and heading to 4.2

Over the last few weeks, our guild has finished up the ‘normal’ mode tier content. We only raid 6 hours a week, and given that we have good people (which we do!) success in clearing this tier has really come down to getting a consistent group across Wed->Thu and holding the raid open on the right weeks to get enough time on Nef to get him down. After that we headed to Throne for the first time (yes I know!) and swiftly downed Conclave and Al’Akir. … Continue reading

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