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Healing Baleroc 10 man – reloaded

Flat demon.

Our guild has changed our Baleroc strat a couple of times according to raid composition and in the spirit of switching things up. Our first few weeks we killed him as I outlined here with one tank, three healers, 4 soakers. The last few weeks we’ve been two-healing it, so I thought I’d briefly describe that. Strategy Raid composition: one tank (druid) two healers (paladin, druid) seven dps (three melee, four ranged – but it doesn’t really matter) Roles: six crystal soakers two healers on the … Continue reading

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Baleroc strategies – a little WoL analysis


The mechanics of the Baleroc fight have me thinking this week, so this is a compilation of my musings and investigations around how the encounter works and how others are ‘doing it’. It’s not a guide to the fight; if you’ve come here looking for that you might be interested in my post about healing this as a druid, here. The main three things I’ve been pondering are: Is the distribution of Decimation blade (DB) and Inferno blade (IB) random? (And what are the odds of … Continue reading

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Healing Baleroc 10 man

Flat demon.

We downed Baleroc last night on another ‘off raiding’ night. (We seem to be doing this a bit recently, hats off to the skillful folk in our guild who don’t usually raid but who come along to help, often filling offspec roles.) After a few nights of working on him trying a few different strats, I thought I’d document what we did to kill him. Druid healing point of view, as usual. We read lots of different strats for this guy. Heal rotations of one healer … Continue reading

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