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World of Logs part 3 – Logs!


Over the last week, I’ve been trawling through our logs, trying to solve a problem: in Madness of Deathwing, our tanks kept dying. Tank deaths drive me nuts. We’re two-healing this fight, myself and Marlae our holy pally, and I know we’re both working our butts off, so when our RL says in vent “why are our tanks dying?” there’s silence. You know that moment. I want to be able to give an answer, but I can’t, not without a greater understanding of the fight. My … Continue reading

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We shouldn’t have to ask “Who is Deathwing?”

As I’m finalising my gear planning for 4.3, I noticed a link to this article here, entitled Who is Deathwing?. It’s a nice summary, but it’s possibly my one really large gripe about Cataclysm: we shouldn’t have to be TOLD who Deathwing is. In Wrath, Arthas’ story was woven into the plot almost the whole way. Almost every zone had a major quest chain where he featured. Particularly the alliance Dragonblight beach scene and the Icecrown quest series lead by the enigmatic Matthias Lehner. By the … Continue reading

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