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Does shifting have a place in resto raiding?


Listening to Team Wafflecast last week and then chatting with Deppi (a fellow druid on my server) got me to thinking about forms. Specifically resto druids shifting into forms (other than treeform) and whether that has a place in raiding. Small context first: I’ve raided as a druid since Molten Core, mostly as resto. I tanked during early BC, so this is the period of the game I know least about as a druid healer. I have druid-healed in a few different guilds, including server-first/hardcore guilds … Continue reading

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Dragon Soul: Resto druid gear

Gear planning time for 4.3 Glow. I like to look at what options are available for each slot, then use that to inform my planning for each boss. I like to know which boss drops I should prioritise, in case I end up bidding on something that’s not optimal for me and could go to someone else – versus which boss drops are key as they fill a difficult-to-optimise slot. Our guild runs loot council, it’s important for me to use a bit of common sense … Continue reading

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Healing Baleroc 10 man – reloaded

Flat demon.

Our guild has changed our Baleroc strat a couple of times according to raid composition and in the spirit of switching things up. Our first few weeks we killed him as I outlined here with one tank, three healers, 4 soakers. The last few weeks we’ve been two-healing it, so I thought I’d briefly describe that. Strategy Raid composition: one tank (druid) two healers (paladin, druid) seven dps (three melee, four ranged – but it doesn’t really matter) Roles: six crystal soakers two healers on the … Continue reading

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Healing Ragnaros 10 man

Rag 2011-09-01 at 9.28.50 PM

Last week we downed Ragnaros after about 4 solid nights of attempts spread over a few weeks. Like lots of end-boss fights, early deaths make a big difference to later stages and while there is a *little* bit of RNG in that, mostly it’s about personal survivability and everyone doing their jobs. This post is about how we execute this fight as a guild, and specifically about how I heal it. It’s not a guide to the fight mechanics, I’m going to assume you have a … Continue reading

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Druid Firelands set – the ‘look’


I was lucky enough to have the guild craft the 378 leather caster boots for me last night, and within five minutes I was complaining. I’m not an ungrateful druid, honest. They have perfect stats, now endowed with a delicious lavawalker enchant, and I’m very happy with them. It’s just that… they have no toes. So I reluctantly turned my helm back on, so I could have a critical look at the whole set. I don’t have 4 pieces of t11, but I do have 378 … Continue reading

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World of Logs part 2 – Buffs and debuffs


One of the main tools from World of logs that I use is tracking buffs and debuffs. I use this as part of evaluating my own performance, how we are going as a raid, and also for investigating the timing of specific mechanics in an encounter. I do this by investigating the buffs and debuffs on me, on others in the raid, and on the bosses or other creatures involved in an encounter. This is the second part of a series of posts about how I … Continue reading

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Healing Majordomo Staghelm – 10 man

Positioning during Scorpion phases

We killed Majordomo Staghelm last night, so here are my initial thoughts about healing this as a resto druid. We had half an hour left after clearing the first five, so thought we’d have a little look at Staghelm before finishing up for the night. Five pulls later and he was dead. Everything we’d read suggested he was easy, we’d had a look the week before and were fairly confident of downing him this week… but I still didn’t expect him to be THAT easy. Is … Continue reading

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