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Healing Heroic Shannox

Raid positioning for h-Shannox

This is how LoLS do heroic Shannox, and my quick notes for healing it. I’m assuming you know the normal version of the fight before attempting heroic. If you’re looking for notes for healing the normal version, this may help. Raid Composition two tanks (warrior on Riplimb, druid on Shannox) two healers (paladin on Riplimb tank, druid on Shannox tank, both on raid) six dps (two melee, four ranged, where one of the ranged is a hunter, and one an arcane mage (we actually run with … Continue reading

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Healing Shannox 10man

Screen shot 2011-07-02 at 9.48.10 PM

Our guild downed Shannox (10man) last night. We played with a few different strats over the last week, and each night we had a slightly different healer team, so I’ve ended up fulfilling each heal role in the fight – so I thought I’d talk through what I do. I’m assuming you know not to stand in traps and not to run away from Rageface. We defeated Shannox using three healers, two tanks and five dps. One tank on Shann, one on Riplimb. One healer on … Continue reading

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