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Vial of the sands: completed

It’s a good feeling to farm for something and make it yourself. Thanks to the guildies whom I begged/borrowed/bought transmutes from to make my truegold. After a lot of digging and farming, I can finally turn myself into a dragon:

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Vial of the sands!

Yay! Third Jar opened, and I closed my eyes as I opened it, not wanting to look. I heard the soft paper noise as the recipe accompanied the clunk of the hardened organs dropping into my bags.Now the truegold grind begins =D

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Been quiet over Christmas with the usual festivities, but I have been pottering away on my guides bit by bit. A fellow druid found this great druid macro post over at Dreambound: http://dreambound-druid.blogspot.com/2010/10/kaes-40-druid-macros.html And although the guildie found it all a bit confusing, I think it’s great – some fabulous clearly laid out and well explained macro templates specifically for druids. Great stuff. Also we got an amazing Christmas present from our guild! An awesome little package including fireworks, potions of illusion and a treasure finding … Continue reading

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