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Vial of the sands: completed

It’s a good feeling to farm for something and make it yourself. Thanks to the guildies whom I begged/borrowed/bought transmutes from to make my truegold. After a lot of digging and farming, I can finally turn myself into a dragon:

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Vial of the sands!

Yay! Third Jar opened, and I closed my eyes as I opened it, not wanting to look. I heard the soft paper noise as the recipe accompanied the clunk of the hardened organs dropping into my bags.Now the truegold grind begins =D

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I enjoy having goals, ‘projects’ to do while playing. Currently I have a few on the go, so I’m prioritising gear but balanced with not getting bored farming the same thing too much. I’m working on:1. Darkmoon Card: TsunmaiMy trinkets are fairly weak, so this will be a good entry trinket for raiding for me. I have an 80 scribe, so I farmed some herbs using Glow, and mailed them back to my scribe and got her to 525 Inscription.Now it’s herbs, herbs. herbs. Specifically, I’ve … Continue reading

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