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A small celebration post. Cho’Gall gently laid down (Chaos! Madness! Like a hug for your brain!!) and died for us (The master SEES!! The master SEES!!!). This encounter ranks pretty high for me in terms of enjoyment a finely tuned fight where if everything goes well it feels so smooth and easy, but one thing can go wrong and the fight tumbles down around you (Come Havoc! Come infinite night!) . So just a couple of screenies. Close to the end: And the ubiquitous kill shot: … Continue reading

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Healing Atramedes 10 man – resto druid thoughts

Atramedes has two phases, a ground phase and an air phase. He starts out on the ground, and this is the most healing intense phase. He stays on the ground for 80 seconds then takes off. His air phases lasts for 40 seconds, and in general that will be a good regen phase for us healing. He then lands again and repeats this until he dies.Atramedes has an unusual mechanic in that he is a ‘blind’ dragon and uses sound to feel out his prey (us!). … Continue reading

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Magmaw drakonid trash

The double drakonid pull just before Magmaw is pretty brutal. I’ve briefly described how we handle them in my Magmaw post here – but as I’ve had a few folk ask specifically how we handle them I thought I’d describe this pull in more detail here.Excuse the Maths, but this pull is all about the geometry. We set up in an obtuse isosceles triangle arrangement, as shown below. the Skull and the Cross are the two drakonids, the yellow circles are the radius for the thunderclap; … Continue reading

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Healing Maloriak 10 – resto druid thoughts

Having twice defeated Maloriak in 10 man, I’ve started to get my head around this encounter a little, and feel the need to put some of this to paper. My role has been healing the add tank, we have a holy pally healing the main tank, and a shaman healing the raid. Of course our tank healers help out with raid healing as needed as well. We used one tank on the adds, and let out 9 gradually during red/blue phases. There was clearly some complicated … Continue reading

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Healing Omnotron 10 man – resto druid thoughts

With lots of folks away over Christmas/NY, our guild has only really started raiding Cata in January, and we only raid 2 nights a week. Consequently we aren’t as progressed as other guilds are, so I’m sure there are some great guides out there already for healing this encounter. Rather than a ‘guide’, this post is just my thoughts so far about healing this as a restoration druid. (Having said that, I think we’ve done really well to have killed Maloriak on our 8th night of … Continue reading

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Magmaw 10 man – resto druid healing thoughts

Intro As we levelled our characters from 80 – 85 and started to hit the new instances, it was becoming painfully clear that our guild was suffering a healer shortage. Lots of our tanks were levelling and happy to forge ahead into the new content and new CC paradigm… but it seems that most of our healers kind of drifted away – either levelling a dps/tank toon to 85, or just not resurfacing after the Sundering of Azeroth.With that in mind, we had 21 people on … Continue reading

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Magmaw down

We all know how this story ends, because our raids wind up at 11pm.Tired. So just photos:…………Will post my healing thoughts tomorrow :0)Gratz LoLs, you guys rock.

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