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Diablo 3 – Hell mode cleared

Fighting two Izuals. This didn't go so well.

Last night Shigeko and I finished clearing Hell and started Inferno. Woo! We had a small run around in Inferno: finished the first few quests/areas there and it didn’t look terrifying. We only fought one champ pack and the ability combo wasn’t insane, so we killed them quickly and painlessly. I’m assuming the pain levels will ramp up heavily though as we press onwards. We thankfully didn’t come up against one of these: The difficulty of Hell difficulty We actually didn’t find Hell toooo bad. Elite … Continue reading

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Diablo 3 – Nightmare


Over the weekend Shigeko and I spent some time working our way through Nightmare difficulty. This post will mainly be about the kinds of mobs we have faced so far. I’ll post some more on actually playing my demonhunter tomorrow. Difficulty I was initially surprised that it didn’t feel like a step up in difficulty. I mean… yes the normal mobs were harder, but only like they were the next ‘area’ of mobs. That is: they felt perfectly tuned for the level of my character. In … Continue reading

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