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Healing firelands

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My experiences as a restoration druid healing encounters in the Firelands raid zone. Blog Posts Sometimes written as guides, but usually just describing what we do as a guild and what I do specifically when healing an encounter, including: any macros I use, details of which buffs and debuffs I track, how I set up my UI, what spells I cast, where I stand, etc. Healing Shannox -0- Healing heroic Shannox Healing Beth’tilac Healing Lord Rhyolith Healing Baleroc Healing Alysrazor Healing Majordomo Staghelm Healing Ragnaros Videos … Continue reading

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A chain pull is only as strong as its weakest lynx.

Five of us took a romp through ZA yesterday, so here is my brief, draft version of my experiences healing it as a resto druid. Screenshots and details to follow after another run or two. I healed/tanked it back at 70, and there aren’t a lot of changes, so if you’re familiar with it from 70, much of that can be reapplied at 85. There are some differences though, so at the same time it pays not to assume too much. Our party set up was … Continue reading

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Heal aggro

Healing aggro can feel like a major negative when you’re starting out as a healer. I feel it even more on my druid: we lack threat lowering tools like fade or salvation. And especially on large trash pulls and for boss fights where adds spawn and spend any time untanked. But managing and taking advantage of healing aggro can change it from a feeling of helplessness “TANK! GET THESE ADDS OFF ME!!!” to using your threat a powerful tool. Threat and aggro What’s the difference? Threat … Continue reading

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Druid guides

Guides I’ve written for druids Restoration healing – the basics A brief guide for those healing on a druid for the first time. Includes a sample talent build, plain language spell descriptions, simple healing strategies for 5man dungeons and ui/keybinding tips. Restoration healing – managing heal aggro A close look at how to use the threat generated while healing to our best advantage: positioning and timing and defensive abilities. Druid CC A brief guide to Using Entangling roots, Hibernate and Cyclone in 5man instances, whilst healing.

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Healing basics

How to heal as a restoration druid: the absolute basics Lets imagine a scenario: you’ve levelled to 85 with a dps spec, and want to try a hand at healing.  You googled “druid healing” and feel kind of overwhelmed. You’d like to have some idea of what you’re doing before you set foot into an instance, but you don’t want to spend hours researching it. The aim of this guide is to lay out the basics of druid healing. Step 1: Talents First thing you need … Continue reading

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The Vortex Pinnacle

Intro This heroic gives me a love-hate feeling. I love the architecture and the lightness and space of the instance. And I love healing it on my druid.I have had some nightmarish experiences healing it on my priest, hence the love-hate thing. I can say this is a great heroic to be a druid – all three of the bosses have a great deal of movement, and heavily reward HoTs, and Entangling roots is a great choice for CC on the trash. Trash groups The early … Continue reading

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Shadowfang Keep

Intro Shadowfang keep is a longish instance, but two bosses are skippable if your group is just there for their valor points. I enjoy it, and since a number of nerfs it’s certainly more approachable to pugs than it once was. (I’ve been in a pickup group that cleared it (all 5 bosses) in under 30 min.) It’s a fun instance to heal with lots (and lots) of  opportunities for clever dispelling and making full use of HoTs and cooldowns. The NPC ghost just inside the … Continue reading

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