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A chain pull is only as strong as its weakest lynx.

Five of us took a romp through ZA yesterday, so here is my brief, draft version of my experiences healing it as a resto druid. Screenshots and details to follow after another run or two. I healed/tanked it back at 70, and there aren’t a lot of changes, so if you’re familiar with it from 70, much of that can be reapplied at 85. There are some differences though, so at the same time it pays not to assume too much. Our party set up was … Continue reading

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The Vortex Pinnacle

Intro This heroic gives me a love-hate feeling. I love the architecture and the lightness and space of the instance. And I love healing it on my druid.I have had some nightmarish experiences healing it on my priest, hence the love-hate thing. I can say this is a great heroic to be a druid – all three of the bosses have a great deal of movement, and heavily reward HoTs, and Entangling roots is a great choice for CC on the trash. Trash groups The early … Continue reading

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Shadowfang Keep

Intro Shadowfang keep is a longish instance, but two bosses are skippable if your group is just there for their valor points. I enjoy it, and since a number of nerfs it’s certainly more approachable to pugs than it once was. (I’ve been in a pickup group that cleared it (all 5 bosses) in under 30 min.) It’s a fun instance to heal with lots (and lots) of  opportunities for clever dispelling and making full use of HoTs and cooldowns. The NPC ghost just inside the … Continue reading

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Halls of Origination

Intro With seven bosses, Halls of Origination is possibly the longest of the Cataclysm heroics if you do a full clear. The Earthrager and 3 of the last 4 end bosses are optional, so if you’re just there for the Valor points there’s a fair amount you can skip.  Whether it’s been a in guild group or pugs we’ve tended to do a full clear though; if anything is skipped it’s usually one or more of the end four bosses. Once you’re deep into the instance … Continue reading

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Blackrock Caverns

brc 2010-12-30 at 12.12.28 AM

Intro Blackrock caverns was infamous on release for being ‘overtuned’. I remember an ex-guildie ranting for about 15 minutes about how hard the second boss was. He was firmly rebutted by some experienced guild members saying “it’s all about the execution, not the gear”. I can confirm that the experienced guildies were correct – none of it is about gear or dps – it’s all about having a strat and executing it well. If your group knows what they are doing, you’ll have no problems healing … Continue reading

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Lost City of the Tol'vir

General Husam's Shockwave

Intro This instance is probably the shortest of the Cata heroics, I’ve been in a group that cleared it in about 20 mins. But all of the bosses require some pretty alert healing/dispelling Trash groups If your group composition allow it, Entangling roots is quite a useful CC in here, as there’s a melee mob in most of the manataur groups. There are crocodiles in the packs that can be Hibernated, but they are non-elite, so not worth it unless you find one beating on you. … Continue reading

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Grim Batol

Clearing to General Umbriss

Intro Grim Batol is a fairly resto-druid-friendly instance. Lots of dispelling, multiple CC options and boss fights where party members may wander in and out of range so our HoTs are quite powerful. Trash CC summary: Hibernate dragons, Entangle melee mobs.Healing summary: some mobs hit very hard, especially later in the instance, be prepared to start a pull using big heals initially.—-Most of the trash groups in Grim Batol contain at least one dragon that we can hibernate. Ask your party leader to assign one of … Continue reading

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