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Make your own Magmaw sock puppet!

Magmaw sock puppet

So Epiaa and I got chatting as we were clearing trash this week, about how the annelids before Ragnaros looked like giant sock puppets. Especially since someone is clearly under the walkway that leads to Rag with their arms waving around, changing which side they pop their hand over. Well this lead to the obvious conclusion: I needed to make a Magmaw sock puppet. So here I’m going to explain how I did it. It isn’t a guide, as usual I assume you know the basic … Continue reading

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A close look at mana potions

Managing mana is one of the fun things about healing that I’m glad Blizzard have added back into our game.There’s a school of thought that any mana left at the end of a fight is mana wasted, and that if you’re managing your mana well you should be using every consumable, cooldown and trinket available to you to squeeze every last heal out by the end of the fight. Well. The main game is beating the boss. Our role in that is to keep people alive, … Continue reading

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Magmaw drakonid trash

The double drakonid pull just before Magmaw is pretty brutal. I’ve briefly described how we handle them in my Magmaw post here – but as I’ve had a few folk ask specifically how we handle them I thought I’d describe this pull in more detail here.Excuse the Maths, but this pull is all about the geometry. We set up in an obtuse isosceles triangle arrangement, as shown below. the Skull and the Cross are the two drakonids, the yellow circles are the radius for the thunderclap; … Continue reading

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Magmaw kill video – tank pov

Our guild’s latest Magmaw kill, from a main tank’s point of view. A bit messy, parasites in the raid at one point, but no deaths

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Magmaw is on twitter

Yes, our favourite anelid is tweeting about life as Nefarion’s captive. Read his daily rants and concerns, he answers questions and loot requests, including: “Now back to me- now back to you. Back to me- back to you. Back to Mangle.” “Halfus just told me plate mail is not biodegradable. Great. NOW what will I do with my leftovers? #ItsNotEasyBeingGreen” “I suppose the hallmark of civilization is forgivene- WAIT, WHAT’S THAT IN YOUR GCALENDER?!” But how does he tweet?- “My handlers are kind enough to apply … Continue reading

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Magmaw 10 man – resto druid healing thoughts

Intro As we levelled our characters from 80 – 85 and started to hit the new instances, it was becoming painfully clear that our guild was suffering a healer shortage. Lots of our tanks were levelling and happy to forge ahead into the new content and new CC paradigm… but it seems that most of our healers kind of drifted away – either levelling a dps/tank toon to 85, or just not resurfacing after the Sundering of Azeroth.With that in mind, we had 21 people on … Continue reading

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Magmaw down

We all know how this story ends, because our raids wind up at 11pm.Tired. So just photos:…………Will post my healing thoughts tomorrow :0)Gratz LoLs, you guys rock.

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